Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Best Home Tutor SPM

Choosing the best home tutors for your child is really important. It is crucial to choose a good home tutor for SPM student. There are many home tutors around which offers low quality services and often leads to major disappointment.

Edunovice Home Tutor run by FULL TIME home tutors offers the best home tutors in Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Although the fess are 20% more expansive, you will be surprise with the quality of  home tutors who handles the subjects.

UPSR : RM 40/hr
PMR : RM 45/hr
SPM : RM 50/hr

There will be an extra 20% surcharge if you enroll your child if near to exam. Please understand that all our tutors are experience and there will be a specific module we need to follow.

Why choose us ?
UNLIKE OTHER HOME TUTORS, our teacher use our own module to teach and not to come empty handed to the class. We cannot justify that using reference book from bookstore is the way how teachers prepare for lessons. We believe " If the tutors are not prepared to do their own lessons before teaching, how can the students be prepared to learn ? "