Sunday, March 25, 2012

Home Schooling and Home Tutoring Trend

Many parents are pulling their child out from the government school and into home schooling. For whatever the reason would be, Edunovice still believe that a proper education is compulsory for every child and the parents must be fully responsible for their decisions. Please take note that Edunovice is not against any home schooling program but we would like to remind parents that the decision made will shape their child's future

What are the checklist for enrolling in Home Schooling
  1. Consult nearest JPN (Ministry of Education regarding the pros and cons) - * Priority
  2. Ensure you have good financial background. You might need help when comes to subject which needs home tutoring. Each subject might cost RM 250 - RM 400 depending on the level
  3. Please make sure you have a brief idea what is home schooling and what are the programs you would like your child to enroll (IGCSE and GCE)
What if my child is unable to cope with the home schooling program?
You can always opt to get help from Home Tutoring to assist you in this matter or you may want to send your child back to private schools. 

Which is better, IGCSE or GCE?
Personally, i would have to suggest IGCSE because it is more recognized. Please check out from google about the difference :)

Can i still sit for PMR and SPM if i am doing home schooling?
You can appeal to JPN for further action. We have seen some private candidate sitting for SPM too. But you really need to take a tour there since you have detached from the school long ago. 

If you need any home tutoring services. Do call us at 012-4594388 :)