Thursday, September 27, 2012

You cant rely on School with PBS system

The recent Hu-Ha with the PBS implementation has bring more complications to Malaysian Education System. Disregarding the PMR and replacing it with the PBS system doesn't look very promising and result driven.

Why PBS is a failure

  1. There is no feedback loop for the poor students. Even with the enrichment class, what are the methodology to help them? Can the school downgrade students from Form 3 back to Form 1? If we compare the IGCSE program in British Curriculum, you can downgrade a student and delay the O Level examination. Can we do that in Malaysia ? 
  2. If we mention about Holistic education, why not introduce skill class such as cooking class, hair stylist, plumbing course and etc to students who does not do well in education so that these future generations can still contribute to the nation building
  3. Ok!!!! about documentation.  Some teachers are not happy with tons workload with the PBS system. They are not happy with it. If the teachers are not happy, can they perform?
  4. PMR abolished!!! How are you going to streamline the students? And i have even heard about abolishing UPSR!!! My God !!! For those politicians and university lecturers who suggest this move, Please spend at least 1 year teaching in primary school! Do not pass down policy while you are not in field work.. 
There is no point whining about this because, it has been implemented. Sad to say.... we are digging the grave for our future generations.