Monday, September 10, 2012

Home Tuition Agency Business

Many teachers sought our services to set up their own home tuition agency business. To be a home tuition agency, this is one of the simplest business you can invest. The investment will cost you around RM 2400 - RM 4000 depending on the complexity of the market. Currently we have set up more than 5 home tuition agency business across Malaysia and with our help , the business managed to earn back their capital 6 months after the official launching date. 

What it takes to be a home tuition agency
  • Ability to make cold calls
  • Ability to invest RM 200 per month
  • Ability to follow up cases till it closed
Advantages of doing the business
  • Ample of free time
  • Able to run the jobs at home

Who to engage
Please call us Edunovice (012-4594388)