Sunday, May 27, 2012

Parents "Kiasu"

To parents who are trying hard to push their child to do better in exam. Here, i would like to highlight to all the parents about "when to push?" and "when not to push?" your child. As an educator, we understand the urgency and the stress how the parents are facing in their children's education. We do understand that score 4A's is very important for your child but pushing too hard can bring an opposite result to your child.

When do you push your child?
You can push your child when he/she is lazy. If your child is lazy to pick up a book to study, you should push him harder. Usually parents need to use negative reinforcement to do so. I have to agree with some traditional method to "beat, cane" the child if this persist. Don't be too soft heart

When Not to push your child?
Please do not push your child if he/she is hardworking to improve himself. Instead use positive reinforcement. You can try to give reward if he did well in exam.

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