Saturday, May 5, 2012

Express Tutoring for SPM Students

We are offering express Physics tutoring for SPM. The cost of the tutoring will be RM 2400 for 2 months of  blitz tutoring. We only conduct the tutoring in the Afternoon from 4 to 6pm. The tutoring will be express covering Form 4 and Form 5. Please look at the information below if you are interested to participate in the express tutoring.

Physic Express Tutoring

  1. Price RM 2400 (Non Negotiable)
  2. Duration Two Months class
  3. One week 2 classes
  4. Class will be held on Monday and Tuesday. 
  5. Time: 4pm - 6pm
  6. Total Classes 8 session per month
  7. We limit to 3 students per classroom. 
How will the class be conducted:
The class will be a express class and notes will be provided. In this class, students will learn what is only necessary for the SPM 2012 exam. Our effectiveness is 100% guaranteed. You will see result within the two months. Please ensure you finish all our assignment if you are really keen to enroll in our express class. We will not entertain lazy students. Each week we will provide only 6 pages of exercises. That is sufficient and not impossible for any students to complete the homework. Please be punctual and assertive if you are keen to improve.

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