Friday, September 30, 2011

Last Minute Before PMR Exam

To Parents; would like to advise parents not to pressure their child who would be sitting for PMR soon. Parents should play the role to encourage and motivate their child before sitting for PMR.

Motivation Words Should Be
"Dear, You just try your best to do well in PMR ! Mom knows you can do it. Don't worry because this is just PMR.. We shall celebrate after your PMR. As for now, lets do your best during the last minute time"

"Son, Dad knows you have given your best this time. Just do your best!!! "

"Son, mommy and daddy know you will do well in exam. Anyway, just try your best."

We hope parents would really understand the immense of pressure your child is facing days before PMR. So stop asking them to do this and this and this. Motivate them instead!!!! Do not compare your child with other siblings or relatives.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What is being a teacher ?

Many teachers fail being a teacher. A good teacher does not have to be a smart or intelligent but a person who is able to depart knowledge efficiently to the students. It does not matter how the process of departing the knowledge but the ability of doing so is what makes a good teacher.

Some teachers able to teach well by being friendly to the students while other teachers able to depart knowledge by being strict to the students. Education is a continuous process, teacher should developed the 2 way communication and instill the love of the subjects when departing the knowledge.