Sunday, March 6, 2011

Being a Strict Teacher : Part of my Job

Last few days, i had a student who went out smoking during the science class. He was suppose to enter the class at 6.00pm but came in late at 6.30pm. When he entered the class at 6.30pm, i was so unhappy and the class stinks with cigarette smell. I dragged him out of the room and gave him a good lecture. I had even informed other teachers to keep an eye for this student. He seemed unhappy because i picked him, i cant tolerate students who do not respect teachers and other students. I had no choice but to scold him. I felt bad and really hurt for every words i threw at him. He wont realized how much he disappoint me but I do realized that one day he will understand. Only time will tell. I do hope he change for a better

Words from a caring teacher