Monday, November 7, 2011

Home Tuition Versus E Learning Classes

Home Tuition
Many parents sought our advice on Home Tuition Classes and E Learning Solutions. How much can you learn from Home Tuition Class ? Is it really effective ? What are the rate for Home Tutors? The idea of home tutoring is meant to guide and spoon feed students who are really weak in their studies. The teacher will teach base on the pace of the students. The effectiveness is 100% effective since personal guidance is given. To employ a home tutor, the rates ranges from RM 30/hr to RM 45/hr.

E Learning Solutions
Currently we provide E learning Solution to UPSR Students. The Elearning solutions is very effective for fast pace students. Students needs to be very independent and hardworking. Good students will definitely benefit from the E Learning class since it is driven by Output Learning.

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