Thursday, January 20, 2011

Improve Math for UPSR Students

Many parents seek Edunovice Help in Math. The reason why students are weak in math can be classified into two problems:-
  1. Unable to understand Concept
  2. Lack of Exercise
Unable to Understand Concept will always lead to WEAK BASIC. When the child is poor in basic, there is no point to push him to do more exercise. Get professional help to remedial this problem. Try going to tuition class which has limited number of students or engage a home tutor

As for Lack of Exercise, parents will understand that the child have this problem when he face time difficulty. The child can solve all questions but with tons of mistake and not enough time. This can be remedial ENFORCING the students to do more exercise. Yes!!! lack of exercise can caused by laziness. Parents need to ENFORCE the child to work harder. Punishment will always be good to instill discipline in the child.

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