Thursday, December 22, 2011

College Assignment Help or College Tutor

Edunovice Home Tutor 
We are offering Home Tutor Services with the following per hour rate:
Standard 1 -  Standard 6 : RM 35/hr
Form 1 - Form 3 : RM 40/hr
Form 4 - Form 5 : RM 45/hr
College/ University Level: RM 100/hr
* The rates may vary due to location and any other charges. Please visit for more information

College Assignment Help
You can seek for assignment help from our tutors. We charge the assignment per project basis
Tutorial Questions: RM 100 - RM 500
Medium Scale Project : RM 600 - RM 1000
Final Year Project : RM 1500 - RM 5000
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We offer the best engineering colleges in Malaysia. Most of the colleges are situation  in Peninsular Malaysia. The website also features information on scholarships, grants, career options for a specific course and even the tuition fees. Do check it out.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Home Tuition Versus E Learning Classes

Home Tuition
Many parents sought our advice on Home Tuition Classes and E Learning Solutions. How much can you learn from Home Tuition Class ? Is it really effective ? What are the rate for Home Tutors? The idea of home tutoring is meant to guide and spoon feed students who are really weak in their studies. The teacher will teach base on the pace of the students. The effectiveness is 100% effective since personal guidance is given. To employ a home tutor, the rates ranges from RM 30/hr to RM 45/hr.

E Learning Solutions
Currently we provide E learning Solution to UPSR Students. The Elearning solutions is very effective for fast pace students. Students needs to be very independent and hardworking. Good students will definitely benefit from the E Learning class since it is driven by Output Learning.

About Us
Edunovice Enterprise & Pusat Tuisyen Skor Minda
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mandarin Class in Penang and Melaka

Are you looking to learn mandarin? Edunovice Home Tuition is designed to provide home tuition for local and expat. Our rate is RM 400/mth and the course last for 5 months.  The total payment is RM 2000 exclusive of books. The cost of the books are RM 200. If you plant o bring any friend to participate in the classroom, all you need to do is pay for the additional books.

Course Structure (Mandarin Level 1)

  1. Learn how to pronounce + Writing
  2. Asking questions + Writing and Reading
  3. Numbers + Writing + Reading
  4. Introduction to yourself  + Writing + Reading
Duration 5 months. 
Student will understand how to read and write basic sentences. This is a good start  before proceeding to Mandarin Level II.

Visit us at
Home Tutor Agency

Friday, September 30, 2011

Last Minute Before PMR Exam

To Parents; would like to advise parents not to pressure their child who would be sitting for PMR soon. Parents should play the role to encourage and motivate their child before sitting for PMR.

Motivation Words Should Be
"Dear, You just try your best to do well in PMR ! Mom knows you can do it. Don't worry because this is just PMR.. We shall celebrate after your PMR. As for now, lets do your best during the last minute time"

"Son, Dad knows you have given your best this time. Just do your best!!! "

"Son, mommy and daddy know you will do well in exam. Anyway, just try your best."

We hope parents would really understand the immense of pressure your child is facing days before PMR. So stop asking them to do this and this and this. Motivate them instead!!!! Do not compare your child with other siblings or relatives.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What is being a teacher ?

Many teachers fail being a teacher. A good teacher does not have to be a smart or intelligent but a person who is able to depart knowledge efficiently to the students. It does not matter how the process of departing the knowledge but the ability of doing so is what makes a good teacher.

Some teachers able to teach well by being friendly to the students while other teachers able to depart knowledge by being strict to the students. Education is a continuous process, teacher should developed the 2 way communication and instill the love of the subjects when departing the knowledge.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

300 English Volunteer Teachers to Malaysia under Fulbright Programme

WASHINGTON: Malaysia has asked the US State Department to consider sending 300 English volunteer teachers to Malaysia under the Fulbright Programme.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who disclosed this, said the increased number sought was due to the Government's greater emphasis on English Language proficiency in schools.
He said he had held several rounds of discussions with Education Ministry officials on the matter and the consensus was that more volunteer teachers were needed.
Muhyiddin, who is also the Education Minister, said students in rural schools in Terengganu were already being taught English under a US-funded English Language assistance programme, with an English Language Teacher Development Project being conducted by the British Council in Sabah and Sarawak.
"But we are hoping that the US Government will consider increasing the volunteers pledged to us under the Fullbright Programme to 300.
"We have agreed to finance part of the costs, such as accommodation and allowances involved, and have set aside an initial allocation of US$1mil (RM3mil)," he told Malaysian journalists accompanying him on his visit here.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had said in New York last month that the first batch of 30 Fullbright volunteer teachers was expected to arrive in Malaysia by September.
Najib had mooted the proposal to President Barack Obama during the Asean-US meeting last year.
The PM proposed that the US revive its Peace Corps programme to help raise the English Language proficiency within Asean.
Muhyiddin said he was confident that with more English Language experts interacting with pupils and teachers, their language skills would improve.
"We are already seeing encouraging signs with pupils displaying great enthusiasm," he added.
Muhyiddin said an memorandum of understanding will be signed with the US on the Fulbright English volunteer programme, adding that a draft proposal would be sent over to the State Department for its consideration.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Good News to Teachers

TEACHERS could soon have more reason to cheer as the Education Ministry looks at better ways to recognise their services.
Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the ministry was conducting lab studies to finalise the new grading schemes for teachers and the findings would be ready in “the next few weeks.”
The studies, he said, involved the entire teaching community.
“The Prime Minister has asked us to look into this carefully and we are in the process of finalising things in the labs.
“What we are looking at involves not only principals but the entire teaching community,” he said after delivering his speech at the 50th National Conference on Education Management for Principals on Tuesday.
Muhyiddin (in red shirt) observing SMK Damansara Utama students practise their marching during a visit to the school.
Muhyiddin, who is also Education Minister, said his ministry was giving its utmost attention to the matter and the result of the lab studies would be submitted to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.
He added that the move to elevate all principals from Grade DG48 to Grade DG52 would be implemented next year.
Muhyiddin was referring to Najib’s pre-recorded message for Teachers Day, where he announced that 1,228 principals and 6,585 senior asisstants in secondary schools would be promoted to DG52 and DG48 grades respectively.
In addition, he said, 99 senior assistants in cluster primary schools would be promoted to DGA34.
“These announcements would be effective from January 1 next year,” he said.
However, the announcement was not well-received and representatives from the country’s 24 teaching unions who were in Kuching for the national Teachers Day celebrations decided to call for an emergency meeting there.
Joint Teachers Unions Committee chairman Jemale Paiman said many were “very disappointed and depressed” that the announcements only appeared to benefit certain groups out of the almost 400,000 teachers in the country.
Jemale said last month that the joint teachers union committee was hoping to meet Muhyiddin to solve the problems.
Najib had also announced a new promotion scheme for teachers that would come into effect next year in an effort to transform and uplift the teaching profession.
The new scheme would give teachers who normally end up at Grade DG48 after 25 years of service the chance to be placed on grade DG54, depending on which tier they belong to.
He said the Government would introduce a new promotional scheme for teachers involved in teaching and learning known as Guru Wibawa (super teacher) and Pendeta Guru (exemplary teacher).
These teachers would be included in four-tier positions, the first being Guru Biasa (normal teacher), followed by Guru Kanan (senior teacher), Guru Wibawa and Pendeta Guru.
At the ceremony, Muhyiddin also pledged an annual allocation of RM200,000 from the ministry to the National Council of School Principals in conjunction with their golden jubilee.
This was, he said, an appropriate way to recognise the contributions of the council to the nation.
Meanwhile, at a separate function, Muhyiddin said an estimated 3.5 million students from 9,980 schools nationwide will participate in the 1Student 1Sport 1Malaysia run on July 2.
Held in conjunction with the official launch of the Education Ministry’s 1Student 1Sport policy, the run is expected to set a record for “The Largest Participation of School Students in a Run” category in the Malaysia Book of Records.
He said he was looking forward to the event as all students nationwide would run in support of the ministry’s effort to promote sports in schools.
“I hope that the involvement of the teaching community and parents in the event will spark off a keen interest in sports,” he said after visiting SMK Damansara Utama to observe ongoing preparations for the school’s sports day.
Muhyiddin will flag off the 1Student 1Sport 1Malaysia run at 7:45am at the Esplanade in Taiping, Perak.
The event will be broadcast live and students nationwide will run simultaneously for distances no less than 1.5km at their respective schools or at venues decided by the state or district education departments.
In March last year, Muhyiddin announced the 1Student 1Sport policy where secondary school students would get 90 minutes a week to play a game of their choice, while primary school pupils would spend 60 minutes weekly on sports.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

UPSR in 2 Months

Two more months and students will be facing UPSR exam. I am beginning to see some of the students tense trying to catch up with their studies.

If your child is a slow learner. Please do the followings
  1. Go for Home Tuition
  2. Purchase a copy of exam tips from
  3. Attend Seminar
If your child is a fast learner. We recommend the follwoing
  1. Get a copy of Exam Tips from
  2. Attend seminar
Price for Home Tuition Two would range from RM 400 - RM 500 per month for two subjects.
Exam Tips cost RM 160 to RM 180 within this few months. We do encourage parents to get the tips because it will helps students to prepare for last minute examinations.Seminar will cost RM 100- RM 150 for UPSR.

Home Tutor Malaysia do not provide any seminar to students. Please inquire seminar around your area. This portal will serve to guide students and parents to achieve well in UPSR. WWW.TIPSEXAM.COM is a third party website, we have seen great results and forecast questions for the past few years. Yeap It helps slow and fast learners.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Being a Strict Teacher : Part of my Job

Last few days, i had a student who went out smoking during the science class. He was suppose to enter the class at 6.00pm but came in late at 6.30pm. When he entered the class at 6.30pm, i was so unhappy and the class stinks with cigarette smell. I dragged him out of the room and gave him a good lecture. I had even informed other teachers to keep an eye for this student. He seemed unhappy because i picked him, i cant tolerate students who do not respect teachers and other students. I had no choice but to scold him. I felt bad and really hurt for every words i threw at him. He wont realized how much he disappoint me but I do realized that one day he will understand. Only time will tell. I do hope he change for a better

Words from a caring teacher

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Casualties Malaysian, Filipino, Taiwan in Christchurch

Earth Quake shook everyone in Christchurch. The earthquake caused serious injuries to many people. According to New Zealand Herald, the earthquake caused serious damage to Canterbury TV buildings in Central of Christchurch.  Police confirmed 100% fatality for those who trap in the TV station.

Malaysian Casualties:  NIL
Taiwanese Casualties: NIL
Filipinos Casualties: NIL

The picture below shows the Canterbury TV Buildings

Aerial views of the destroyed CTV building, left, and the Pyne Gould Guinness building. Photos / Sarah Ivey, Mark Mitchell

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Home Tuition Kuala Lumpur

Looking for Home Tutor in Kuala Lumpur. We provide Home Tuition in Selangor Region
Location Covered By Edunovice Home Tuition
  1. Serdang
  2. Kuala Lumpur
  3. Ampang Area
  4. Subang Jaya
  5. Petaling Jaya
  6. Bangsar
  7. Cheras
  8. Puchong
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Improve Math for UPSR Students

Many parents seek Edunovice Help in Math. The reason why students are weak in math can be classified into two problems:-
  1. Unable to understand Concept
  2. Lack of Exercise
Unable to Understand Concept will always lead to WEAK BASIC. When the child is poor in basic, there is no point to push him to do more exercise. Get professional help to remedial this problem. Try going to tuition class which has limited number of students or engage a home tutor

As for Lack of Exercise, parents will understand that the child have this problem when he face time difficulty. The child can solve all questions but with tons of mistake and not enough time. This can be remedial ENFORCING the students to do more exercise. Yes!!! lack of exercise can caused by laziness. Parents need to ENFORCE the child to work harder. Punishment will always be good to instill discipline in the child.

Home Teacher
Call 012-4594388

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Home Schooling : Can students

Schooling in Malaysia are bound by "Constitution of Malaysia" and "Akta Pendidikan 1996 Pindaan 2002". Every individual has the right for education and should not be deprived from education.  Primary and  Secondary school are FREE of charge

Under the Akta Pendidikan 1996 Pindaan 2002, the act only states that Primary school Education is compulsory and mandatory for all Malaysian. The act did not mention about the secondary school. It is important that parents send their child for primary education and failing to do so will be found guilty.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Comparing the Best College in Malaysia

Edunovice provide a complete list of Colleges in Malaysia. Students can view the website by clicking on Colleges Malaysia provides information on:-
  1. List of Colleges in Malaysia
  2. Contact Information for the colleges and their hot line
  3. What are the courses available for each and every single college
  4. College News
  5. Scholarships (Not Yet Ready)
  6. The American Degree Program
Hope the information in College Malaysia helps.