Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sex Crime In Malaysia

Sex Crime is Malaysia is rising due Internet. Social Networking is the prime reason why this sex crime is so rampant in Malaysia. Teenagers tend to spend more than 50% daily in front of the computer. They talk to strangers and and share information with them. Some teenagers even meet up the strangers and willingly follow them home. How do parents equip play a part to prevent their child being a victim

  1. Parents are advise to add add their child in any social networking site such as Facebook and Friendster
  2. Spend at least 1 to 2 hours daily to monitor their child communication in Facebook. Parents can read their child's Wall and keep track on who he/she adds
  3. Education is very important and parents should spend some time educating their child
  4. Get to know his/her friend
  5. Get to know your child's parents too
  6. Religion is important and parents should always send their child to Sunday School
  7. You can always place A GPS in his/her bag. You will always want to know where is your child incase of emergencies
  8. Last of all, spend time with your child. Plan family activities from young. Allocate Family Week. 
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