Friday, July 16, 2010

Malaysian News: Cut Subsidies

The Malaysian government is moving on with the plan to cut subsidies. The stage by stage cut will definitely not burden the Rakyat. The cost of living in Malaysia will eventually increase but due to small cut and it is done in stages, Malaysian will not feel and will be able to adjust to the new rate. This is a good method to improve our national deficits.

What would be the impact towards Malaysian Education ?
As cost of living increases, the tuition rates will increase proportionally. Don't be surprise as the tuition rate will increase 5% yearly.

Home Tuition is expected to increase between 10 - 15% in 2011 - Transportaion increase
Tuition Center is expected to increase about 5% in 2011 - Adjust to the increase of living cost
Books or Revision books are expected to increase by 10% - Transportaion increase