Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Good Tuition Teacher

Finding quality home tutors? How can you spot quality tutors?

As the demand of home tutors increases, some teachers are so commercialized where every hours counts. We cant blame the teachers for making themselves commercialized because  they earn their income by the amount of case solve each month.

So how do you engage a reliable and efficient home tutors.
  1. Ensure that your tutor are within your area. Make sure his travel time is around 10-20 minutes to your house
  2. Ensure that the teacher do provide guided materials for your child
  3. Ensure that home tutors are from reliable tuition agency. It is always good to engage home tutors from Edunovice as they provide great qualities tutors
  4. A teacher should stay extra hours eg 5-15 minutes extra for each classes
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