Saturday, January 2, 2010

Transportion Needed for Tuition Classes

Dear Readers,
I come across a few parents being so lazy to send their child for tuition classes. They would rather go to tuition center which is near to their houses rather than enrolling them in quality tuition classes.

Tuition is meant to help students to achieve well. Will be very disappointing if parents neglect their role to send their child for good education because of transport issue.

How to resolve transportion issues?
  1. Follow and arrange transport by yourself. Try to search in classifieds
  2. Request for transport 
  3. Group up students from neighboring and rotate the responsibility with other parents
What if all the above fails?
If you are not able to arrange a good transport to the tuition center, there is no point enrolling in any tuition center. Study by  yourself or get a HOME TUITION

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