Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scan your Home Tutor ? Are they qualified to teach your child?

With more tuition agents mushrooming in Malaysia, it is no wonder parents are worried about the quality of teacher delivered by Tuition Agency. Today, with just a website and a hand phone almost everyone are able to work as Home Tuition agent in Malaysia. There are no proper regulations to ensure that the teacher provided by home tuition agency is at top quality.

How do parents comb through a list of tutor?
  1. Parents are advised to request for SPM Certificate and Degree Certificate
  2. Parents may request for one day trial class. The class may not be free and the price may varies from RM 80 to RM 150 per class
  3. After the trial class, parents can request help from Edunovice Home Tuition to evaluate the materials. This is meant to ensure that the teacher knows what she is teaching
  4. Teacher may contact Edunovice via mail at

(Edunovice have been providing home tutorial since 2004. Our Physical Building is at Farlim Ayer Itam , Penang. Our Tuition Center is Pusat Tuisyen SKOR MINDA. Parents can come to our tuition center in Penang to request for a tutor.)

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