Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Best Home Tuition in Malaysia

Edunovice has been in the home tuition industries for 5 years. We have managed up to 500 cases till today. Our result guaranteed 70% students to score A's in exam

Total Students = 70
Top A's Scorer =50
B's Scorers = 20
We do not have a single C's students for UPSR, PMR and SPM

Total Students =120
Top A's Scorer =80
B's Scorers = 40
We do not have a single C's students for UPSR, PMR and SPM

Total Students = 100
Top A's Scorer =70
B's Scorer = 29
C's Scorer = 1
We do not have a single Fail students for UPSR, PMR and SPM

Total Students =110
Top A's Scorer =80
B's Scorers = 25
C's Scorer = 5
We do not have a single Fail  students for UPSR, PMR and SPM

2010 : We have not compile the number of scorer yet

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Home Tutor Jobs Malaysia

 Edunovice Home Tuition is looking for teachers for the following position in Malaysia. We are keen to help school teachers to build their career in Home Tuition. We need the following teachers to expand to Perak, Selangor, Johor Bahru, Kuching and Miri.

Vacancy for the following positions:
  1. English 
  2. Mathematics and Add Math
  3. Physics
  4. Chemistry
  5. Biology
  • Must have a relevant degree
  • Able to converse in Malay and English
  • School teachers and University Lecturers are highly value
  • KPLI teachers can apply for this position
  • Able to teach with minimum 2 years experience handling One to One session
If you are interested to apply for the following position. Please feel free to register as tutor at our website

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sekolah Bukit Jambul is the Top School in Penang

From Zero to Hero. SK Bukit Jambul was not the best school in Penang whey they have never been in the favorite list for years. This year they made it to be the best school where teachers and students celebrates with joy.

GEORGE TOWN (Dec 23, 2010): Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bukit Jambul has emerged as the top school in Penang for the Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) examination performance this year.

Some 122 of 196 students Form 3 students, or 62%, who had taken the examination scored straight As, with 83 of them acheiving 8As and the rest 7As.

Besides SMK Bukit Jambul, the other schools in the state's top 10 list are SMK Tinggi Bukit Mertajam, St George's Girls' School, SMJK (C) Jit Sin, Penang Chinese Girl's High School, SM Sains Tun Syed Sheh Shahabudin, SMKA Al-Irshad, SMK Datuk Onn, Chung Ling High School and Penang Free School.

He added that besides taking tuition, he had a balanced timetable to help him revise for the exam. "I study about two hours a day and spent time playing badminton and basketball about two hours as well."

Last year 2009, the best school is St George, however this year they drop in ranking from top to the 3rd Best School in Penang.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home Tuition Penang

Are you looking for Home Tuition? Keen to start soon. Edunovice Home tuition provides quality tutors to parents. Our rates are 5%- 10% higher compared to other Home Tuition Agency.

Subjects Offered
  1. Intensive Add Math
  2. Intensive Chemistry
  3. Intensive Science
  4. Intensive Modern Math
  5. Intensive Biology
  6. Intensive UPSR (All Subjects)
  7. Intensive PMR (Math, Science, English, Bahasa Melayu)
  8. Intensive SPM (All Subjects)
Call 012-4594388

Do not trust other Home Tutor Agency. They just operate by using hand phone. Most importantly, find a home tutor where the agency has a physical center or a tuition centers. Your child safety will be the first priority.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hard and Tough Physics

Students in Form 4 and Form 5 will tend to struggle in Physics? The question is how do you overcome the fear for Physics? Why is the subject so tough ?

Physics is a conceptual subject. Unlike Math and Add Math, Physic do not rely on complex Math but the understanding and the derivation of equations.

Add Math
Read question ----> Concept ----> Use Formula ----> Answer

Read questions ----> Concept-----> Derivation of Formula ------> Use Formula ----> Answer

So do you see the difference ?

Should my child enroll in Home Tuition or Tuition Center?
It depends on your child PMR result. If he score A's for Math and Science then probably Tuition Center would help. If your child scores B's for either Math or Science, I would recommend Home Tuition.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Starting Home Tuition Early

Home tuition is all about improvement? If you feel that your child is weak in certain subjects, it is better to engage a home tutor. Starting home tuition early does has the advantage. Starting the  home tuition early should be more towards improvement rather than advancement

Yes "Starting Early" is all about improvement not Advancement
We provide home tuition for all subjects. We have a total of 300 tutors across Malaysia. We are able to provide quality tutors for Language, Math and Pure Science Subjects

Call us now at 012-4594388
Personal Tutor

Exam Tips for UPSR, PMR and SPM

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Children are too Pampered with lack of Respect

It is true..... scary but true because nowadays teenagers lack of respect to teachers and even their own parents. 

Taken from

KUALA TERENGGANU: Violent crimes committed by youths are on the increase and have reached a worrying level, said Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar.“We are witnessing the emergence of a new trend, the younger generation are showing disrespect and they could not care less about the law.
“They have no regard for people in authority, including police officers, teachers or even doctors,” he said after visiting two injured policemen at Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital here yesterday.Const Arizan Mohamad, 24, suffered fractures on his collarbone and both legs after he was rammed by youths on a motorcyle while manning a roadblock at Jalan Masjid Abidin here on Sept 16.Ismail said Arizan’s case was not an isolated one as many other policemen were injured while carrying out their duties and most of the offenders were youths.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last minute Intensive for Science

How do you study science when you are in a big rush for UPSR and PMR. Few more days before you sit for the main exam. This must be very thrilling for most of my UPSR and PMR students. Not to worry!!! If you would need any help to solve your science ... anything at all you can always drop us a message below

State your particulars

Last of all, thanks to all our home tutor students who have been with us since January. All tutors from Edunovice Enterprise wishes best of luck.

Edunovice Home Tutors:
The Best Home Tutors in Malaysia.
Featured in New Straits Time for being reliable
Visit for more information
Call 012-4594388 

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Snippet from New Straits Times

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

Wishing all Home Tutors and Students..... SELAMAT HARI RAYA

To Home Tutors:
It is great working with you guys. We would like to wish all our malay tutors, Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holidays. Any class which falls on Hari Raya should be replace with another day.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last minute Home Tuition is Costly

Home tuition has been around since early 1990. The 'core value' of home tuition is meant to help poor students to excel in education. Just some advise to parents when engaging home tutors.

Always engage home tutors at the beginning of the year. It is easier to negotiate good rates at the beginning of the year compared to last minute intensive class

Some basic calculation for Home Tutors
If you engage home tutors at the beginning of the year the price can vary from RM 160 - RM 240 per month.

If you engage home tutors at the end of the year the price can vary from RM 240 - RM 400 per month. Please engage home tutors early if seriously need help from our services.

Our Home Tutors are 100% commited to teach your child. We are able to guarantee improvement within 3 months. Home Tutors nail problems and motivate child to do better. It is true our rate is higher compared to other home tutors, bottomline is "If you value your child's education, we ensure that every cents invested is worth your penny"- 100% commited, 100% improvement within 3 months.

For a home tutor, you can call 012-4594388 or visit
For UPSR, PMR and SPM Students, please beaware to purchase a copy of Exam Tips from

Why is there difference in the price structure?
Most tutor aplly price incremental pre month basis. If parents engage home tutors 3 months before the final, the range of price may range between RM 240- RM 400.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sex Crime In Malaysia

Sex Crime is Malaysia is rising due Internet. Social Networking is the prime reason why this sex crime is so rampant in Malaysia. Teenagers tend to spend more than 50% daily in front of the computer. They talk to strangers and and share information with them. Some teenagers even meet up the strangers and willingly follow them home. How do parents equip play a part to prevent their child being a victim

  1. Parents are advise to add add their child in any social networking site such as Facebook and Friendster
  2. Spend at least 1 to 2 hours daily to monitor their child communication in Facebook. Parents can read their child's Wall and keep track on who he/she adds
  3. Education is very important and parents should spend some time educating their child
  4. Get to know his/her friend
  5. Get to know your child's parents too
  6. Religion is important and parents should always send their child to Sunday School
  7. You can always place A GPS in his/her bag. You will always want to know where is your child incase of emergencies
  8. Last of all, spend time with your child. Plan family activities from young. Allocate Family Week. 
Please Call us if you need any help in child planning
Call 012-4594388

For Home Tuition
We also provide Home Tuition to Students
  1. Math and A Math
  2. Science
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physics
  5. Biology
  6. Bahasa Melayu
  7. English
Call us at 012-4594388

Friday, July 16, 2010

Malaysian News: Cut Subsidies

The Malaysian government is moving on with the plan to cut subsidies. The stage by stage cut will definitely not burden the Rakyat. The cost of living in Malaysia will eventually increase but due to small cut and it is done in stages, Malaysian will not feel and will be able to adjust to the new rate. This is a good method to improve our national deficits.

What would be the impact towards Malaysian Education ?
As cost of living increases, the tuition rates will increase proportionally. Don't be surprise as the tuition rate will increase 5% yearly.

Home Tuition is expected to increase between 10 - 15% in 2011 - Transportaion increase
Tuition Center is expected to increase about 5% in 2011 - Adjust to the increase of living cost
Books or Revision books are expected to increase by 10% - Transportaion increase

Friday, July 9, 2010

Online Learning or Online Tuition UPSR, PMR and SPM

To parents who ought to seek for online tuition, please be aware that there are a lot of E learning junk in the Internet. The E learning solution developed by Malaysian company is a pure disgrace as it focus too much on the MLM rather than the education point of view. I am reluctant to comment which company is promoting MLM along with the education benefits.

Beware of E learning or Online Learning solution. Please ensure that you subscribe to the right E learning  package.

For Home Tutor Please Visit
Or Call 012-4594388 (Edunovice Home Tutor)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


UPSR Math Class RM 50
UPSR Science Class RM 50

PMR Science Class RM 50
PMR Math Class RM 50

SPM Physics Class RM 50
SPM Add Math Class RM 50

PMR General Class RM 33
SPM General Class RM 37

What is the difference between General Class and Drill Class?
Drill Class is meant for total exposure of Exam Papers and Trial Questions from different states. It is all about Test papers. You will complete over (100 Test Papers inclusive of 10 years Past year Question papers) for each subject. The general class will only cover topical test which we intend to go from one subject to another

PRICE: RM 250 






Saturday, June 26, 2010

Peta Minda or Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is a must when learning subjects which requires one to memorize tons of information. Subjects which require mind mapping are as below
  • History/ Sejarah
  • Science
  • Geography/ Geografi
  • Kemahiran Hidup
  • Pendidikan Moral
If you are interested to learn how to create effective mind mapping, please do not hesitate to call Edunovice Enterprise.  Our course will provide you simple mind mapping technique which can deliver huge result 

Call me at 012-4594388 for information pertaining Mind Mapping. Learn Effective technique with illustration.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Abolish UPSR and PMR

While government is making progress to go ahead of the plant o abolish UPSR and PMR, there are more concern executing the plan.

What are the advantages and disadvatages to abolish the UPSR and PMR
  • Less stress for child
  • Makes studying process more fun rather than exam orientated
  • School Teacher able to concentrate towards project base rather than exam 
  • Relieve the stress on the teachers
  • Less Job opportunities for Home Tutors and Tuition Centers
  • Student are not gauge thus they will not study till last minute which is during SPM
  • Stream line to Science, Art and Commerce will not be effective
  • Students turn lazy
  • Social illness. Student will turn for unhealthy activities. They will have the policy "Enjoy Now Study later"
  • Abolish UPSR and PMR and make FORM 2 Nationwide exam.  Abolish Geography and History and ensure the students conce
  • As forUPSR, yeap it is relevant to ablolish it. School Exam will be good enough
  • Form 2 will be the year for Streamline. 100% exam base questions
Home Tutor
Please Visit
Exam Tips Please visit


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

STOP your Child From Online Betting

Parents should always monitor the children online activities. As a teacher who has more than 5 years experience, online betting corrupts the child mind. During the World Cup Season, a lot of students are caught betting. They extort and end up with wrong company. Please monitor your child... How

  1. Monitor his online activities. Check through internet history for any betting website visited by your child. 
  2. Monitor his calls and ensure that your child do not engage in any handicap matches
  3. Monitor his wallet and ensure that there will not be any additional cash 

For any Home Tutor
Call 012-4594388
We offer various Subjects ranges from Science to Language Subjects

We even help in College and Diploma Assignments

Monday, May 31, 2010

Terror School in Malaysia

Imagine you are studying in Rawang school. Look at the condition of the school, i bet this is the worst school in Malaysia. If you have read the star newspaper recently, you would have notice that StarProbe did a great job highlighting the issue to the government. I hope that school teachers and headmaster take necessary action to held responsible for their own school. A school should be a safe place to study...Gangsterism should not be allowed to dominate within the school compound. .

For Information regarding Home Tuition
Call 012-4594388 Mr. Yaw Home Tuition Agent in Malaysia

Saturday, May 22, 2010

July SPM 2010 Paper

Dear Students,
The July paper for both Math and Bahasa Melayu will be tough this year. If you are looking to score A in the July paper especially in Bahasa Melayu, please study hard and do a lot of exercises. If you are staying in Penang, do come to our Class which we help hundreds of students to excel in July paper.

Looking for Exam Tips for Math paper ? You can purchase a set of exam tips from our website

Looking for Home Tuition?
Call Edunovice at 012-4594388.

We are Specialist in Home Tutoring. We are one of the website which is featured in NST News Straits Times.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tuition Penang Gelugor

Edunovice Home Tuition is offering great tutorial packages to students across Penang. Subjects offered comprise of :-
  1. Additional Math Form 4 and Form 5
  2. Chemistry for Form 4 and Form 5
  3. Bahasa Melayu for UPSR, PMR and SPM
  4. Physics for Form 4 and Form 5
  5. Biology Form 4 and Form 5
  6. Geography
  7. Sejarah
  8. English
  9. Math
  10. Math S and Math T
  11. Science UPSR, PMR and SPM
All our tutors are well trained. Our tutors are Full Time tutors specialize at their respective fields.

For More information please visit
or Call 012-4594388 for more information

A true teacher is a dedicated teacher who can pass down knowledge and not holding back any knowledge from the students. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Penang Tutor for Physics SPM

Are you looking for Physics Tutor? Are you keen to find a home tutor for physics? Edunovice provides quality home tutor for every parents. Our line of tutors are graduates from various educational fields.

Phsyics Home Tutor
Rating: Featured in Newspaper
Educational Background: School Teacher, Engineering Degree and even Part Time Book Publisher
Rates: Negotiable
Age: 28
Employment Background: Invovlve in Home Tutor for 4 years, Teach in reputable 3 Tuition Center, Ex Editor for Fajar Bakti and East View Publication

If you are interested to get hire this home tutor, please call us now !!!

You can also visit
Call 012-4594388
We offer Various Homoe Tuition for Form 1 till Degree Level. You can even request to assignment help 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trainee Teacher is inexperience to teach

There are numbers of complains regarding the quality of trainee teachers. They are too young to handle examination class. What should you do ?

If you are a student, you are advise to
  1. Get a Home Tutor to help you
  2. Seek advice from Headmaster and tell him your concern about the new trainee teacher
  3. Seek your parents for help
How to obtain a Home Tutor?
Call 012-4594388 for Home Tutor.

Exam Tips for UPSR, PMR and SPM

Written by
Pusat Tuisyen Skor Minda

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Problematic Students

There are times when a teacher has to face with problematic lazy child. How do you overcome this problem? There are ways to solve problematic child and it is all depends on situation

If the child is lazy, teacher can corporate with parents on random check on the homework. Teacher and parents have to work together. Base on my experience when parents and teacher work together, the rate of success is very high. Within 2 month, the students will improve at exponentially

Home Tutors or you can call 012-4594388

We cover Selangor, Perak, Penang, Johor Bahru and Melaka region.
Math, Add Math, Pengajian Islam, Science, Chemistry, Bilogy, Physics, English, History, Geography, Bahasa Melayu, A Level,.STPM and Pre University

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Top Scorer in SPM 2009 - National Scholarship

Looks like we have the list of the best scorer for SPM 2009. We would like to congrats students who manage to achieve excel in the SPM 2009.

How do you manage to score A++ ? Is there any tips to score in SPM?

Are you looking for Home Tuition? Visit or call 012-4594388
Finding the right exam tips

Infomation : Edunovice Home tuition is featured as one of the best Home Tuition Provider in Malaysia. We have even been featured by NEWS Straits Times 10 August 2009.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Bahasa Paper Too tough for UPSR

Yes!! it is true that Bahasa Melayu paper is getting tougher from year to year. How do you improve your Bahasa Melayu besides from studying hard?

One of the easiest way to improve Bahasa Melayu is to read a lot of story books. Rather than going to tuition, we do encourage students to read a lot of story books. Learning Bahasa Melayu or any language subjects is not just about doing exercises... students must read a lot of story books to boost their vocabulary.

Try out our exam tips to ease your child's burden.

Home Tuition,
Edunovice Home Tuition

 Call 012-4594388

Exam Tips for UPS
One of the Hottest Exam Tips in Malaysia.
Currently we stay at number 1 Exam Tips provider providing great tips Forecast

The article taken from the Sun..

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Good Tuition Teacher

Finding quality home tutors? How can you spot quality tutors?

As the demand of home tutors increases, some teachers are so commercialized where every hours counts. We cant blame the teachers for making themselves commercialized because  they earn their income by the amount of case solve each month.

So how do you engage a reliable and efficient home tutors.
  1. Ensure that your tutor are within your area. Make sure his travel time is around 10-20 minutes to your house
  2. Ensure that the teacher do provide guided materials for your child
  3. Ensure that home tutors are from reliable tuition agency. It is always good to engage home tutors from Edunovice as they provide great qualities tutors
  4. A teacher should stay extra hours eg 5-15 minutes extra for each classes
Home Tutors
Edunovice Home Tutor or Call 012-4594388

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sex Education in Malaysia

Wow!!! Are we looking at this at a good angle? Do you think that sex education is necessary in school? Most of the Asian parents are very taboo when comes to education their child in sex education.If the government wants to provide sex education to Malaysian students......what would be the syllabus be?

Edunovice covers UPSR, PMR and SPM level.
Subjects Covered
Math, Add Math, Modern Math
Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Science
Bahasa Melayu, English, Moral, Geography, History

Commerce and Accounting
Please feel free to visit our website at
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Language Expert

Friday, February 26, 2010

Vocabulary Level

There are times when parents are anxious about the children educational development.

Case I
Your child is in Std 3, he cant read and he is not doing well in the school exam. What is happening? He is very weak in Bahasa Melayu and English.

Majority of the students would not be able to read in Year 3. One of the simplest way to gauge your child vocabulary level is to select one paragraph of text from SCHOOL TEXT BOOK and ask him to highlight the words that he cant understand.

Imagine... the students can understand 200 words out of 250 words
200/250 x 100% = 80%

If he gets Less than 60% is really bad. 

He will definately need a Home Tutor to boost up his marks

Edunovice covers UPSR, PMR and SPM level.
Subjects Covered
Math, Add Math, Modern Math
Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Science
Bahasa Melayu, English, Moral, Geography, History

Commerce and Accounting
Please feel free to visit our website at
or call 012-4594388 for more information
Language Experts:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fun Facts about Biggest Crystal in the world

Amazing!!!  This is another wonder of the world. The Naica mine holds the largest crystals deposit in the world. Amazing... and intriguing. The temperature in the mine can rise up to 120 Fahrenheit with 90% humidity. Human and any operators are only allowed to work in the mine for 5 minutes else they will be dehydrated.

Edunovice encourages students to explore the internet for cool facts. This will encourage students to learn more than what they have learn in school. Ask yourself questions when learning cool facts.

Lets take an example
If you have read an article about the biggest crystal, ask yourself... what made those crystals? How were the crystals formed? What is the composition of the crystal?

That is all for today. Happy exploring

If you would request any Home Tuition. 
visit or call 012-4594388
We provide home tuition for all level starting from UPSR, PMR, SPM, LCE, GCE, A Level and Degree

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Home Tuition Malaysia

Parents... are  you looking for Home Tutors.  We are offering home tuition services for the following levels
  1. UPSR Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah
  2. PMR Penilaian Menengah Rendah
  3. SPM Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia
  1. Bahasa Melayu
  2. English
  3. Sejarah
  4. Geografi
  5. Science
  6. Biology
  7. Chemistry
  8. Physics
It is very important to choose the tutors from a reputable home tuition agency. Edunovice is a reputable home tuition agency providing reliable tutors across Malaysia. We collaborated with Pusat Tuisyen SKOR MINDA.

NOTE: Only Look for Home Tuition Agency who has a physical building rather than calling directly from an unknown website.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scan your Home Tutor ? Are they qualified to teach your child?

With more tuition agents mushrooming in Malaysia, it is no wonder parents are worried about the quality of teacher delivered by Tuition Agency. Today, with just a website and a hand phone almost everyone are able to work as Home Tuition agent in Malaysia. There are no proper regulations to ensure that the teacher provided by home tuition agency is at top quality.

How do parents comb through a list of tutor?
  1. Parents are advised to request for SPM Certificate and Degree Certificate
  2. Parents may request for one day trial class. The class may not be free and the price may varies from RM 80 to RM 150 per class
  3. After the trial class, parents can request help from Edunovice Home Tuition to evaluate the materials. This is meant to ensure that the teacher knows what she is teaching
  4. Teacher may contact Edunovice via mail at

(Edunovice have been providing home tutorial since 2004. Our Physical Building is at Farlim Ayer Itam , Penang. Our Tuition Center is Pusat Tuisyen SKOR MINDA. Parents can come to our tuition center in Penang to request for a tutor.)

Providing the best quality tutors in Malaysia.
Call us at 012-4594388 for more information

To Register as our tutor, please go to

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Malaysian Top Singapore O Level

O level exam is similar to Malaysian SPM examination. However, it is not easy to score well in O Level because the exam is really tough. Congrats to our students who did so well and make the country proud. Great job to Lai Kai Rou.

SINGAPORE: A Malaysian who studied in a Singapore school emerged tops when she scored 10 A1s in the 2009 Singapore Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) examination.

Lai Kai Rou, 16, who hails from Selangor, studied at the CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School (SNGS) which was also the best school as 14 of the 42 top scorers who scored nine A1s in the country were its students.

The Singapore Cambridge GCE O-Level Examination was conducted jointly by the Uni-versity of Cambridge Inter-national Examinations, the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board and the ministry.

A total of 37,424 school candidates sat for the 2009 O-Level Examination and 37,380 or 99.9% had been awarded certificates, the ministry said.

Lai entered the Singapore school four years ago after completing her primary school in a Chinese school. – Bernama

Friday, January 8, 2010

Religion can be very sentimental and personal

Havoc !!! Religion can be a very sentimental issue. Government is taking every efforts to control the situation.

In Shah Alam, a small crowd gathered at the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque premises.
Police stopped the protest when protesters started stomping on posters bearing the image of Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad.

In George Town, although there were no protests, police stepped up patrols at all major roads leading to churches following the arson attacks in the Klang Valley.
State police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Ayub Ayub Yaakob said they had beefed up security within the church perimeters.

In Bentong, two NGOs — Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia and state Pertubuhan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia — carried on with their protest in front of the Bandar Bentong Mosque, although only a small group gathered.

In Kuantan, a protest was also held in front of the state mosque where speakers said Malaysians must respect each other’s religions but condemned the attacks on the churches.
<  Credits to Thestar Malaysia

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Transportion Needed for Tuition Classes

Dear Readers,
I come across a few parents being so lazy to send their child for tuition classes. They would rather go to tuition center which is near to their houses rather than enrolling them in quality tuition classes.

Tuition is meant to help students to achieve well. Will be very disappointing if parents neglect their role to send their child for good education because of transport issue.

How to resolve transportion issues?
  1. Follow and arrange transport by yourself. Try to search in classifieds
  2. Request for transport 
  3. Group up students from neighboring and rotate the responsibility with other parents
What if all the above fails?
If you are not able to arrange a good transport to the tuition center, there is no point enrolling in any tuition center. Study by  yourself or get a HOME TUITION

Edunovice covers UPSR, PMR and SPM level.
Please feel free to visit our website at
or call 012-4594388 for more information