Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Starting Early in December 2009

As school holidays approach, many parents are preparing for school holidays trips. However, there is a minority groups of parents who are keen to get their child started for next year. So, they enroll their child in holidays programs and intensive revision programs in the month of December.

Planning for your child's education is very important. Besides from having fun during the school holidays, enroll your child in home tuition to brush up his week subject is part and parcel of getting him ready for next year challenges.

Planning process
  1.  Ensure that your child spend at least 5 hours per week doing revision 
  2. Plan a vacation trip at the end of the school holidays. Get him motivated that he must study before going for vacation.
  3. Plan like 1.5 hours of studying once in every two days
  4. DO NOT FORCE YOUR CHILD TO STUDY MORE THAN 5 HOURS DURING HOLIDAYS. Quality learning experience is more important that quantity learning experience
  5. Plan for Home Tuition in the Month of January or December.

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