Friday, August 14, 2009

Preschool at Early stage benefits the child!!!

Some parents are rushing their child to preschool at early age. According to the survey, parents do send their child to school as early in 3 years old. In order to survive in the competitive world, education is very important which led to the demand of preschool in Malaysia

Define Good Preschool
  1. Good Educational programs
  2. Preschool should have both academic and social development
  3. Making learning interesting through vocal and visual
  4. Social interacting is very important
  5. Learning new languages
Edunovice strongly agree with the concept of preschool. We have seen many kids benefits with the programs.

Taken from The Star

From Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget to the American Pragmatist philosopher John Dewey, proponents of hands-on learning and experiential education advocate that children learn mainly from interacting and not listening, understanding and not memorising.

The NPC addresses this through its four teaching and learning approaches, namely, learning through play, a theme-based curriculum, integration and child-centredness.

According to Dr Ng, the four approaches enable children in theory to internalise experiences which involve them and appreciate concepts that they can relate to such as the basic anatomy of their body and the study of nature.

Early Childhood Test Edunovice would like to introduce Early Childhood Test where we give a series of test to parents to evaluate their child. With this test, parents would be able to gauge the early potential of their child. This is a non taxing test covering drawing, and paper-sheets games and mind teasers. Learn about your child. Early potential!!!!!!!

Cost RM 150

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