Wednesday, March 18, 2009

News: Student Selling Drugs

To all parents... Please take extra care of your students. Please take time to monitor your child. Better to be safe than to regret.

A 17 year old girl by the nickname of "Ice Ice Baby"was nab after pushing to sell syabu or "ice" to other students. She was earning good income approximate RM500 per day. The reason why she got strayed was due to financial difficulty.

“One of my schoolmates persuaded me to be a tokan (mini drug dealer) to earn money in an easy way,” she told Harian Metro.

“I was attracted to the high salary and flexible working hours. I continue working when the school reopened this year,” she said, adding that there were ready customers in her school and housing area in Hulu Selangor.

“Ice is famous among secondary school students and in demand as it is easy to carry without being spotted,” she said.

“There was once instead of text or reference books, I filled my bag with various types of drug,” she added.

Amy said she earned RM500 a day and used the money to buy more drugs and alcoholic drinks.

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