Saturday, March 28, 2009

Exam Tips for Malaysian Students for UPSR PMR and SPM

We are selling HOTTT Exam Tips now!!!

First of all, is a derivative company of The emergence of has been well accepted by many students in Malaysia. helps students across Malaysia by providing exam tips for major exams. The exam tips are well customised providing the most efficient way of last minute revision. Our satisfaction index achieve 80% -100% satisfation index placing our exam tips

How much is the exam tips?
The price varies from month to month. Please visit

Is it Soalan Bocor?
Sorry... we dont provide soalan bocor. The tips are like study guide. What makes it so differnt is the tips provide important hints and study guides for a particular chapter rather than focusing everything...

Example of tips....
In the Form 3 Modern Math, do you know that the chapter Theorem Pythagoras will always combine of Perimeter and Area? How to do you tackle such a question if you dont understand the format of the question? We will provide you the template where you can zoom in... rather than study blindly. In short, We provide you what we anticipate to study with working solution.

So for those of you who wish to skip Area.... think twice.

Who Wrote The Tips?
All the tips are written by our Tutors :) with several years of experience

How to Purchase the Tips?
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What makes us so reliable?
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Some of our history

2006 - Edunovice Enterprise (Home Tutoring)
2008 - Edunovice Enterprise officiate Exam Tips (
2009 - Involve in Corpoate Training for MNC company

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