Saturday, February 28, 2009

Reference Book for UPSR PMR and SPM

To all parents and tutors who read the blog, i would like to share some of my experiences when purchasing reference book. Try to stay on this guideline when purchasing reference book from local publisher:-
  • Try to find reference books which has compilation of 3 in 1 (eg. PMR Math 1,2,3, Sejarah 4 Dan 5, Geography 1,2,3)
  • Try to purchase two reference books. One is relatively simple to read and the other has a lot of facts and thick in size.
  • Try to avoid new publishers
  • Judge the books by the contents rather than the cover
  • Make sure you purchase books base on the value of information rather than price
  • Make sure you get the latest edition. Why? You dont want to buy an out dated information
  • Purchase the reference book where they have questions at the end of Each section.
Those Highlighted with Reds are Very important.

Please purchase the 3 in 1 compilation of 3 years.
Students needs to cross reference the facts and learn to link the information.

In Math there are two chapters for Polygons: Students need to compare and understand the difference

Purchasing two reference book is necessary because if one of the reference book is too tough to read, the students can have another alternative for a simpler book

Latest Edition, Some subjects tend to update very frequent. It is better to purchase books which have the latest edition.

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