Sunday, February 1, 2009

Protest of English Usage in Math and Science - The Star News

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Have you read the recent news about the protest of using English as part of the medium of instruction. I am so saddened by the remarks from this bunch of protesters? The protesters not being able to understand the importance of English in Math and Science. There are many ways to learn Bahasa Ibunda. Learing Math and Science in English have many of advantages such as
  • Internet- Students can cross references books and internet information
  • It is a way to be competitive among international schools
  • Dewan Bahasa Pustaka translate the Science information too slow. Learning Math and Science in English eradicate such problems
  • Preparing students for secondary and tertiary education
  • Help to improve the standard of English
  • Most of information from TV programs are English in medium such as DISCOVERY, HISTORY, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, ANIMAL PLANET and etc.
Come on guys!!!!!!!!!! wake up!!!!!!!!!! we have to move with time. I am really saddened by the local protesters. There are many ways to learn Bahasa Ibunda and i personally believes that learning Math and Science in English thus gives us more advantages in the information age.

Quote from Thestar "PKR and PAS representatives were also present at the launch to show their support. PKR youth chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin said although PAS and PKR machinery would be used to spread awareness of the movement’s beliefs, Pakatan Rakyat was not making this a political issue"

Education has turned into political weapons. It is bad for the development of Malaysia.

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