Monday, February 9, 2009

Nibiru 2012. End of the World

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You must have heard about Nibiru the Planet X. It is said to destroy Earth by the year 2012. According to the Mesopotamians and Mayan, the unknown planet will eventually collide with the Earth in year 2012. Pretty scary when you read that the Mayan calendar ends at Dec 2012 when they strongly believed that the End of the World!! is coming. Some believe that the events will happen while the government is trying to cover up the truth from the public. Why? Eventually they do now want the public to panic as we are approaching 2012. The question is "Is our government really hiding the truth from us? " There have been many prediction from the past, none of them came close to reality. I once believed that Nostradamus predicted that the world will end in year 2003, It did not come true!! It is up to the public to decide- Read More

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