Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lazy going to school

Your child might be one of the few who do not like to go to school. He hates waking up early and not keen to dress up to school. What is wrong with him?

Majority of the children loves to go to school. Out of the survey conducted, there are several reasons why your child is lazy to go to school
  1. Unable to grasp or learn in the classroom
  2. Possibly there are bullies who loves to pick your child
  3. Teacher seems to pick on your child mistake
  4. Isolated and not getting well with other students
Slow Learner
If your child finds difficulty to learn in school, parents should take the initiative to figure out the problem. Don't just sit and pretend everything will be OK because your child might be lag off in his education. Talk to your child and find the time to discuss with the school teacher how to improve the situation. If he is slow, you might want to introduce him a home tutor where he will get personal attention in his studies.

Bullies by other children
It is pretty easy to notice your child being bullied in school. Try to spy on your child after school or during his break time. Look for any possible bullies action. If your child being bullied by others, talk to your child and report immediately to school. File a complain report to the police department (MUST FILE A REPORT). Let the authority to investigate the case. You might want to try to pick up your child early after school to prevent any mis happening. Keep on asking the school authority and the police department on how they are going to resolve the issue.

Teacher Pick on your child
As parents, please do proper investigation before filing a police report. Look for bruises on your child and check his homework. If he is lazy to do his homework, the teacher might have taken disciplinary action on your child. However, if the teacher picks on your child due petty issue or racial issues, you might want to talk to the headmaster. If things cant be resolve, file a report to the Police department. If the teacher intimidate your child after making a report to the headmaster, please take necessary action to file a report to the Police. Monitor your child education and find him a home tutor so that he will not be left out in his studies. Most of the time when parents reports a teacher for their misbehave, often the child will be neglected in his/her education.

Isolation from Friends
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