Friday, February 20, 2009

Home Tuition Malaysia Penang

Due to economic uncertainty, there is a number of sharp decrease of Home Tuition in Penang. Parents are very cautious during the First Quarter of the year. Some would like to start the class in June!! which clearly shows that it is hard time now.

How can Edunovice Help in Penang:
Few packages have been design to ease the parents burden
a) Price Reduction
b) Combination of 2 in one package
c) Free Notes for hardcore poor families

Price Reduction
Interestingly our company would like to offer 10% discount on all subjects

Combination of 2 in one package
Now you can combine ( Math + Add Math ) , (Physics + Math) , (Biology +Math), ( Bio + Chemistry)

Free Notes
We do promote Free Notes for hardcore families. We only have free Notes for Math and Physics
Do register and login to obtain Free Notes


Edunovice covers UPSR, PMR and SPM level.
Subjects Covered
Math, Add Math, Modern Math
Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Science
Bahasa Melayu, English, Moral, Geography, History
Commerce and Accounting

Please feel free to visit our website at
or call 012-4594388 for more information

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