Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Subang Girl Score 10 A1s

Simply great. This Subang girl is one of the cream for Malaysia. Her astonishing result shows that Malaysian are great and able to adapt anywhere in the world.

Great!!!!!!!!! If she can do it... why not you child? Click here

Congratulation for being an achiever... :)

They said scoring 10A1s is impossible but a Subang Girl did it. Comparing Singaporean syllabus to Malaysian syllabus, i have to agree that O level is really tough. For some of you who have no idea what is O level, it is similar to SPM in Malaysia.

What is the difference between SPM and O Level
To be honest, the Singaporean standard is really tougher to score and their standard of education is wayyyy higher compared to Malayaian SPM.

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