Sunday, January 4, 2009

Online Learning or E-learning

Edunovice Home Tutor
Edunovice home Tutor offering tutorial services for the following subjects
- Add Math
- Modern Math
- Accounting ..... Up to Degree ( Master Student teaching the following subject 5 yrs exp)
- Commerce ...... Up to Degree ( Master Student teaching the following subject 5 yrs exp)

Welcome to our new tutor
Michelle : Math and Add Math Tutor >> (5 years experience teaching in tuition center)

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Ok Lets Discuss all about E learning again

Wellll... Edunovice does provide simple e learning solution. As for edunovice, the e-learning solution is a matter of downloading Free Notes. Yeap we do not emphasised high tech interaction between human and computer. ... please don't compare with www.edunovice. charges you for a minimal fee but edunovice is free.

errr... Edunovice E learning solution is simple and non artistic. However, we do not compromise the quality of our material. Yeap, it is true that our material is orignal. Edunovice loves Google due to its simplicity from search engine to the email system. That does not mean Edunovice hates Yahoo. it is just that we love simple effective solution.

How the E learning goes (Edunovice)
a) Join as Member
b) Download the notes

Our Notes:
Our notes are custom made for Malaysian Syllabus. The unique part about our notes would have to be the way how it delivered information to our students. Simple and effective. On top of that, the online notes will have a section where General Knowledge and application is discussed which will not be covered in school.

"How does a tornado happens"
" What is smaller than Electron"
"Why are the sky is blue in colour"

Yeap it is pretty interesting to read the Edunovice Notes as we cater the notes not just for exam but a whole different package for exciting learning