Friday, January 16, 2009

Is Add Math Important ? Should i drop Add Math?

Should my child drop Add Math? How do i make sure whether to drop Add Math or not to drop Add Math? What is the difference between Add Math and the Modern Math.

There are many parents who come Edunovice for consultation regarding the importance of Add Math in the child career path? Most of the parents will ask these questions :-

"My son is in the accounting stream, he plans to drop Add Math, what do you think sir?"

" My daughter don't do well in Add Math, she will be taking medicine, It is advisable to drop Add Math ?"

" My daughter will be going for Business Admin, Is Add Math really important for her future enrollment in university?"

To All Parents
Please make sure (110% sure) that you do some research before recommending your child to drop any subject. There are some universities and colleges which require Add Math as entry requirement. Please check the entry requirements for your favorite university.

Entry Requirements for University
MMU Entry Requirements
TAR College - Browse below
KDU - Entry Requirements

For further inquiries, you are encourage to call Edunovice Enterprise for Educational consultation. We will help you to evaluate what are the important subject you must not drop before making your final decision. We will provide affordable package for a price of RM 300 with full report 2 pages of full report to parents.

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