Saturday, January 3, 2009

Experience Home Tutor & Free Notes

Often parents call our office and ask, who are our tutors ? Are they experience teachers? Edunovice will only provide the best home tutors to the parents. We use filtering process to sieve the best tutors for your child?

Some of our tutors are Tuition Center Teacher (more than 5 years) and School Teachers. We are unable to snap a picture of our teacher teaching in school but i have been granted to snap a picture of the class in my tuition center.

If you are looking for Home Tuition please do visit
Or you can call our hotline at 012-4594388
We can help you to improve your child in 3 months

Looking for Free Notes: Visit for FREE access to our notes. Please register as a student for FREE to gain access to my notes

HOT TIPS will not be given in the NOTES. We only deliver HOT tips in our home tutoring class around JUNE

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