Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trace back for Nurin's Killer

I am so surprise that ADReIN came up about the idea of tracing the phone number. ADRIN was pretty detailed and i believe he watched CSI a lot. Anyway.... he suggested a brilliant idea and i hope the police nab the culprit
Taken from thestar.com.my

I AM writing this regarding the murder of Nurin Jazimin.

When viewing the CCTV footage of the suspect, I noticed that he was using his mobile phone during the first minute of the video.

Is it possible that the date and time of the video could be used to track the suspect’s hand-phone number by checking the log files of all mobile telco substations serving that area?

If a record of all mobile phone connections done in that area at that particular time can be obtained, then I believe it is possible to trace the suspect’s number and also all records of phone calls made by the suspect.

This may help the police in opening up leads and shed some light to this unsolved case.

Petaling Jaya.

Monday, August 25, 2008

No Public Holiday issue by my company.... Damn!!!

I am sad to get a letter from my HR Manager

Dear colleagues,
In-line with Section 8 of The Employment Act 1955, above declared holiday is not gazetted by the Parliament and management of individual company's has the right to review and recognize the mentioned said holiday.

Please be informed that Management of ESM & EEM will not declare public holiday for 26th August, 2008 in lieu of its business need and to avoid any interupptions. The matter has also been confirmed by the Labour Office.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Public Holiday Tomorrow

I am so glad that I will be getting a public holiday tomorrow. Yes .. been expecting this for sometime and i have to say "NO WORK still got PAID" is the best gift in your life. Personally no one cares about what will happen to the factory because... it is not our concern. Working is Es#### is a hell and i am so piss off the company. Can you imagine sucking up almost everthing in your daily chores ??
Not to mention the works sucks,,, the environment is so sucky too. It is so unbearable, the only reason why everyone is working here is because they are stuck and unable to move to other company. Time is hard... we cling to the company waiting for somebody to save us

Sunday, August 17, 2008

EBOOK for UPSR, PMR and SPM is on the way.

As new year is getting pretty near, there will be some changes to the Edunovice Home Tutor website. The new revolutionary E book version will change how students learn. With simple page indexing Edunovice will be giving advantage to the students to allow online viewing without downloading. Yes..!!! you can still download and print... but you don't have to because the notes can be online accessed with simple click on View button. ... pretty cool with the latest gadget used to allow more easy friendly features

In the new year of 2009 these will be the features for Edunovice.com
- Free Online viewing for UPSR, PMR and SPM Notes
- Metatag for Web crawling
- Past years paper by states (cool features for UPSR, PMR and SPM)
- Math Module for UPSR
- Freebies of bookmark
- Improve on the Home Tutor Report Card

As our PMR (Penilaian Menengah Rendah) is getting closer, we are looking at the crash course for PMR Math and SPM Physics at nearby hotes. The crash course will be very intensive and will cover upmost important Analysis Questions for the upcoming year 2008.

Will it be free ? There will be minimum charges and i am looking forward for the course.

Feel free to visit www.edunovice.com

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

She is not the real singer

Olympics are filled with lies. China surprise us with the spectacular display of fireworks which turn out to be computer generated graphic. Now they even lied to us about the girl who sang the song. If you have watch the opening on last Friday, the girl on the left was on the stage was just a stage girl / puppet girl who miming the song sang by the girl on the right. Pretty sad right ? It just reminded me the trip to Bangkok where the stage girls are just there to miming the song played by background music. According to the china officials, the girl on the left was not selected because her face seems less attractive and does not portray the image China's wants the world to believe in. Pretty weird.. maybe the girl on the left seems to be too kampung

Edunovice Updates : Updates on the Home Tutor Website
- Upgrading the website to give exta edge in providing test papers throughout Malaysia.
- Looking at the Ebook Online View for Physics and Maths


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Edunovice Home Tutor into Ebooks Concept better than Wikipedia

Yesterday, took me several hours to think of a way to enhance the power of edunovice. Edunovice is currently distributing notes to students and providing them the opportunity to print for personal usage. If we compared to wikipedia... edunovice has a an added value because we provide options to our students/tutors to download and make it convinient for them to bring the notes to school. At the same time edunovice has a negative value because students and teachers are unable to do quick reference through HTML format

Edunovice is the top solution providing UPSR,PMR and SPM Math and Phsysics notes for Free to tall students. Our motto revolves bringing the best to our students and changing educational learning to easy and convinient way.

Actually, Edunovice is looking at some ways to provide online viewing. This can be done using the Ebook for HTML format which allow online viewing. This is nothing special....and it helps student to go for fast or quick reference. It is really time saving when we implement online reading and it helps students to find what they want.

Download Notes
- To download and read as reference notes
- To compare and compile into books
- Easy to read since we can hold it like a book

Online Reading
- Fast referencing by keyword
- Quick search for important facts
- Save time by doing online browsing

Visit http://www.edunovice.com.my/ for more information

Saturday, August 9, 2008

In Starbucks with Jacky from Gifted Concepts

A cup of coffee at Starbucks along with Jacky from Gifted Concepts. Edunovice is shaping its future and is planning into adopting some of the methods from Gifted concepts. In the verge of expansion, Edunovice is forming a small partnerships with Gifted Concepts in terms of going to walk side by side with gifted concepts which encourage "Play to Learn".

Jacky did explain some key stuff how he run his gifted concepts in KL and i am amaze how much he is doing to bring up his business. Pretty cool for a young entrepreneur. If things goes on well i hope we can start to work on some of the concepts well in Penang

Thursday, August 7, 2008

"I am not saying .." - I resign but i wont share

"Hi Christ... so you throw letter (resigned) , Which company are you going?"
"Dude.... i will let you guys know once i am there ?"

Damn this is a very disturbing answer... somethimes i dont understand why so secretive because i am keh po chi.... but why so secretive. It is not like things going to change once you have decided to share with your close friends. So you see... things are pretty annoying when you give such an answer to your friends ? cant we share the same happiness with you? Are we such a human to live on jealousy and bad intentions till the last day of your stay in the company... Come on guys !!!!.

I have not been really secretive to most of my friends even straight to the point that i am planning to jump company. If i have a chance... why not jump to other company when you feel that your life really sucks to the end.

Being in the early 26 years old adult, What is there to hide more ? Are we the type of guys who are born kiasu in life. The only things that should be kept secret is your dark secret in your past and maybe your monthly paycheck. Dont you all agiree ? Futhermore, looking with what have i done for the past 26 years, i have done nothing great or spectacular, there is nothing to hide.


News and Update on Edunovice

Home Tutor will not be advertising starting from Mid August till Dec. Edunovice will start a new tutorial year on the coming Dec by introducing Holiday package starting this coming December

August - Nov : No more Home Tutors available for UPSR, PMR and SPM.
Dec : One month Holiday Pacakage for Pre Primary, Pre Form1, Pre Form4
: Official selling Module Math (Learn UPSR Math in 3 months!!!) money back
January : Intake for UPSR, PMR and SPM, STPM, Alevels, Degree courses
January : Reshuffling the syllabus for Primary 1

Monday, August 4, 2008

ESD Training ... I am thinking

I have been a little late to my training this morning. The training was supposed to start at 9.00 sharp but i got up at 9.20am. I did not brush my teeth and rush to the Vistana Hotel for my first ESD training. It was a rushing day and i have to be honest i reach the hotel at 9.40am.

As soon as i reach the hotel "Mat Salleh" an elderly American was giving his speech making me so uncomfortable to walk pass the hallway. "Malu betul......"

The training started at 9.00am and ended at 6.30pm. It was a tiring day and i have to say the ESD notes is very good and detailed written. The training cost was RM 500 ++ per person. Damn... they are charging RM 500++ per student and there is an average of 40 students in the class.

Can you do the math how much the training center in owning per day
RM 500 x 40 = RM 20 000 per day

Are you impress ? if you are not... tell me how much do you need to earn RM 20 000


Edunovice Notes:

Edunovice.com leading in Home tutor and Training services. We provide the best tutor to your house for guaranteed improvement. we are so sure to bring up your child which "we are Guaranteeing you Improvement in 3 months time"

want improvement and start doing better for UPSR, PMR and SPM... visit www.edunovice.com

This week: Edunovice is discussing about Radioativity. We will be covering Physics for Form 5 . On top of that, Edunovice provides edges to students by introducing matter smaller than proton, electron and neutron "Quarks and Leptons"

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Berita Harian MINDA Pelajar & SKOR + Edunovice Home Tutor

Looking at the Berita Harian Educational Section, it seems to provide good study materials for the SPM students....... pretty impressive. The SPM section seems to be well organised with notes and exercises ranging from Math, Physics, Chemistry ande etc. I do find some of the notes pretty helpful to students, especially those going for major exams such as SPM.

www.edunovice.com is also as dedicated as SKOR Minda as we provides free notes to all our students. The notes in Edunovice website has its edge as the notes are pretty pack with lots of additional information which can equipped any SPM students to score A in Math and Physics. In the Physics notes, Edunovice incorporate interesting concept, history and the most up to date news and articles so that learning Physics will be always interesting.

eg. In the Form 5 last chapter, our text book describes that the smallest matter on earth is proton, neutron and electron... but wait.... that was years ago when we have no idea about quarks and leptons. ..... Yes.. it is true that, www.edunovice.com provides the up to date science and definately will be an added point to any science lovers including SPM students

Good Job Berita Harian and lets work together to build a better learning ground for all Malaysian. ~~~~ 5 Star salute from edunovice.com

Latest Edunovice News:
Edunovice is upgrading the Question Banks for UPSR , PMR and SPM. Though the question paper are not belong to Edunovice, however we shall provides our students the link to view the question paper from our schools in peninsular and Sabah Sarawak

Thanks for the contributer and last of all. Edunovice also provides home tutor to any parents who are eager to see improvement in their child. We are professional when comes to handling weak or disable students.

For more information visit www.edunovice.com