Saturday, December 6, 2008

UPSR Science and Math

Students complain about having a tough time with studying Math and Science. The question is how do you study Math and Science ? why is your child getting good grades in UPSR Math but the not for the USPR Science.? Some parents are confuse and i believe almost 99% parents do not understand what are the approach to study Math and Science.

Studying UPSR Math is simple because all you need to do is to motivate your child to practice more. Getting A's for math is all about practicing, student needs to familiar with the type of questions. As for UPSR Science, it is all about the 'understanding concept ' rather than practicing. Your child has to understand the concept and constant reading will definitely help. Practicing science questions will only help to enhance the ability to memorized.

So how to read UPSR Science
a) Start off by reading the introduction
b) Understand the difference between plants animal and human
c) Take note on the key words...
d) Look at the Question paper... map the question to your notes or reference book. HIGHLIGHT
e) Constant reading and answering Question paper along with mapping will definitely help

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