Thursday, December 25, 2008

Safe and Reliable Home Tutor

Edunovice Home Tutor: Best in Malaysia.
Hi First of all, Merry Christmas guys!!!!!!!!

To all parents who are concern about having a reliable home tutors. These were the common questions:-

a) Who are the tutors?
b) Are they strangers?
c) Is our child safe with the tutors? (We seen many rape can kidnapping cases)
d) Are they qualified tutors?

The 4 questions above are pretty common among parents. As parents, we might be worried about the background of the tutors but how do we ensure that the tutors we are sending are safe and reliable?

Our Tutors
The tutors provided by Edunovice Home Tutors consist of :
a) Full Time Home Tutors
b) Tuition Centers Tutors
c) Part Time Experience Tutors
d) New Tutors Graduate

Safety Issue for your child

In order to prevent from any mishaps, Edunovice suggest that for every classes or Home Tutoring, please request for the following information:
a) Request for IC and chart down the personal information
b) Parents are advise to monitor their child. Parents are advise to have the classes at night
or on weekends. Once you get th know the teachers well and familiar with his/her traits you
might want to consider the tuition class to be held in the morning or afternoon.

Qualified Tutors
We only deal with qualified Tutors.
a) Request for Academic Transcript
b) Request for Graduation scroll from University

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