Wednesday, December 31, 2008

PMR 2008 Oustanding Results and Utusan Melayu

Home tutor well accepted in Kuala Lumpur after 6 months launching . The Home tutor is getting a lot of good response from parents.

"Today parents believe Edunovice is capable to deliver improvement in 3 moths period." Yes it is amazing that we have gone this far delivering what we can promised to the parents.

We are offering wide variety of Tutorial services ranging from
Math, English, Bahasa, Add Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Accounting, Geography, History and commerce.


English a better Medium for Math and Science

It was a political debate years ago when our political candidate highlight the effectiveness of using English for science subjects. Personally Edunovice tutors believe that science subjects should be tought in English since we are moving into information highway. We are seeing good improvement because:-

a) It is efficient to teach Science and Math in English where student can cross reference local
books with foreign text books
b) Bahasa Melayu Translation from English to B. Melayu is too slow
c) Students can learn from Internet which English is broadly used in digital world
d) This is a way to improve our poor standards of English making Malaysian competitive

PMR 2008 results shown to us the effectiveness of English usage in Math and Science, Edunovice stand firm with the usage of English language in Math and Science subjects

Utusan Malaysia News

*Sebanyak 472,060 calon menduduki PMR 2008. 26,378 pelajar atau 5.96 peratus mendapat A dalam semua mata pelajaran.

*Semua mata pelajaran menunjukkan peningkatan dengan Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Arab Komunikasi mencatat kenaikan tertinggi iaitu 3.6 peratus

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