Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Ampang Students (Home Tutor Malaysia) and 2000 Year old Brain ( Science facts)

Hi parents and students, home tutor in Malaysia has been going on for the past 15 years. Although home tuition in Malaysia is not as popular compared to tuition centers, we have seen some growth with great demands from Edunovice Home Tutors.

A few of our teachers:- Puan Izzie, Puan Cecilia and Puan Zarina have been working hard helping students to achieve 5A's in the recent UPSR 2008. Most of our students are below academically before taking up classes from Edunovice Home Tutor. What makes Puan Izzie, Puan Cecilia and Puan Zarina so special this year was their reputation to pull up 100% of every cases to achieve 5A's in UPSR 2009. Seriously it is not an easy task helping student who are FAILING in Exams to EXCEL 5A's in their studies. It takes tremendous amount of commitment a long with good teaching approach. Our philosophy: 3 Months Results Guarantee.

Some Complaints from parents:
"Your price is a little stiff, and i would like to try for a month?"
"Can you start right away, why not this evening"

Our price is the at average since we are sending to you experienced tutors. All our teachers have a min of Degree Certificate while some tutors are taking up Master and Phd. Edunovice guarantee 3 months improvement for each of every child which takes up home tuition under our organization. Only Edunovice can guarantee you that.

I find that most parents do not understand the nature of Home Tuition. Home tuition will only be meaningful if your child needs personal attention as he is really weak in his studies. Please read my previous post...

I am sorry as Edunovice Home tutor will not be able to guarantee improvement in a month. It is too short to see any improvement as the teacher and students are just starting to adjust to their learning habits. Edunovice encourage parents to undergo a minimum 3 months of home tuition sessions.


2000 Year old Brain (Science Facts)

This image issued by the York Archaeological Trust on Friday Dec. 12, 2008 shows brain material as dark folded matter at the top of the head in this computer-generated view into the skull. British archaeologists working at a university campus have unearthed an ancient skull carrying a startling surprise — an unusually well-preserved brain still inside. Scientists said Friday that the more than 2,000-year-old mass of gray matter was the oldest ever discovered in Britain. One expert unconnected with the find called it 'a real freak of preservation.' The skull — which was severed from its corpse sometime before the Roman invasion of Britain — was found in a muddy pit during a dig at the University of York in northern England in the fall of this year, according to Richard Hall, a director of York Archaeological Trust.

Taken from Yahoo News. Click to read more