Monday, December 29, 2008

Keputusan PMR 2008

PMR 2008 shocking news. Edunovice has made it way again by providing great tutorial services to our students. I was shock the number of students scoring A's from our program.

Our agency got few calls from parents early in the morning. Here are the messages from parents

"Hi Mr. Yaw thanks for the tutorial services... my daughter got 7 A's. Can you start arranging tutors for next year Form 4" - Miss Yanti

" Your tutors are impressive, my neighbour got A's for the Math and Science. Do you have tutors for Std 4 for my youngest child >" - Mrs Low

" Hi Edunovice Home Tutor, my daughter Ely got A's for the Math. Thanks for the lesson. Very helpful. Thanks for the last minute tips" - Rosalyn

"Mr. Yaw, Thanks for teaching my youngest son Math. I hope you can guide him next year. As for the eldest son... continue on with the Add Math and Physic class. Please help to find for me a tutor in Chemistry" - Rawanis

PMR Great Success 2008

Seramai 26,378 pelajar atau 5.96 peratus daripada 472,060 calon peperiksaan Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) tahun ini mendapat Gred A dalam semua mata pelajaran yang diambil, meningkat daripada 5.65 peratus pada tahun lalu dan 4.83 peratus pada 2006. - taken from berita harian

UPSR Great Success 2008