Friday, December 26, 2008

Johor Bahru Home Tutor

To apply for Home Tutor for your child at Johor Bahru :-
a) Submit your inquiry through our website at (Enquire) or
b) Call our Hotline at 012-4594388
(Currently we have 5 teachers at Johor Bahru ... covering UPSR, PMR and SPM)

Home Tutoring In Johor Bahru
Edunovice is expanding the services to Johor Bahru. Our services will be fully operational by 2010. Edunovice will be gathering more teachers to help out in the Home Tutorial services. Although we have teachers over in Johor Bahru, our number of tutors are limited. Currently we have around 5 tutors in Johor which are located around the Johor Bahru Town and Skudai Region.

Those who are interested to apply for a home Tutor position in Johor Bahru are encourage to visit the follwoing link(click here)

Popularity of Home Tutors
The popularity of home tutors varies from state to state. As for Johor Bahru, we have less home tutors around the region due to the fact that many of the tutor prefers to teach Singaporean due to higher payrates

The charges of home tutors varies from state to state. Our range varies from RM 120 - RM 300 depending on several factors such as location, level of education, subjects, teacher's experience and number of days. Please inquire


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