Friday, December 12, 2008

Irrelevant Questions in SPM from The Star ... SPM issues

I read this from the star citing about the irrelevant questions in SPM Paper. One of the SPM students was outraged by the type of questions in the History paper. According to the student, the questions was more appropriate for Moral studies.

One of the questions "How will the Malaysia be remembered by future generations?" . Come on guys this is not really History questions, this should be more to Pengajian Am. General Paper.

I laugh when i read another questions posted by the student, here it goes
"How negative lifestyle could impact nation's high moral values ?" ... Man this is insane. This is definitely moral questions

(((((Very History Indeed )))))

I have nothing to complain against such questions if it could help me to achieve A's in my exam. I am surely wont complain much about this since it is free marks

This is really interesting: credits to Thestar. Read full now