Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Home Tutor Form1 and Form 4

Are you prepared for your child to Form 1 or Form 4 ? Do you know it is vital to prepare early before stepping his foot in the important year? There will be a lot of changes when student move from UPSR to Form 1 or from Form 3 to Form4. In the UPSR year, your child takes up 4 subjects in total but in when he enters to Form 1, he will be taking up to 7 subjects in total. I believe it will be a culture shock or a burden when he sees history, geography and Kemahiran Hidup. Most students and parents would suggest long break after UPSR, however do bare in mind to advise your child to start preparing one week before entering into the new form. How do you encourage him to read Geography ? and History?

Start up by asking him to look into the chapters and ask him what does he thinks about the new syllabusss. Understanding chapters or the topic header will be a good start before reading the whole text books. Encourage your child to go shopping at the Mall once a week and take a detour to the "Popular Book Store" grab a book of Geography and History. Look at the maps and access how fast your child needs to cover for his next year exam. Always be positive and keep on giving encouragement remarks to your child... such as

"Geography looks like an interesting subjects... wont be hard scoring A if we plan well on our time table"

"History reminds me about MAYA civilization.. kind of cool.. I bet you can master this in no time"

Looking at his UPSR result will give you the hint how to strategies his study plan. You can always seek help from Edunovice.com and drop us a mail if you need professional help. All the above advise is applicable for students who finishes PMR and going for Form 4 in the year 2009