Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Home Tuition Tutor UPSR PMR SPM

Great news to all students!!!!!!!
I am glad to our Edunovice Home Tuition will cover the following area

States that our Home Tutors will be covered:
a) Penang : Total 80 Teachers
b) Selangor : Total 120 Teachers
c) Melaka : Total 20 Teachers
d) Kedah : Total 40 Teachers
e) Perak : Total 5 Teachers

What are our main subjects
UPSR: We are covering up most of the syllabus Bahasa, Mandarin, English and Science
PMR: Bahasa, English, Geography, Math, History, Science
SPM: Bahasa, English, Geography, Math, History, Science, Add Math, Biology, Chemistry, Phys

You can contact us at:
Please call 012-4594388 (Edunovice Home Tutor)

Those staying far from the urban area can learn too:
We offer Belajar Gaya POS to students staying far from our reach. Our quality notes will definately helps and the package is affordable. Please contact our sales line.

Free information and Notes please visit: www.edunovice.com ( You must visit our website for more educational notes which are Free for Download)