Wednesday, December 31, 2008

e-Learning Malaysia to score a

What is E-learning solution? Are you looking for E- Learning solution for your child? How can E learning benefit your child ? Who are the E-learning provider in Malaysia?

It is true that online learning does bring great benefits when we mention about time flexibility. Your child can study at home with ease and cost of learning is definitely cheaper compared to going for tuition center or home tuition.

Th question parents should ask are
a) Is it practical for your child?
b) Can you child cope up with studying online... he has to be independant?
c) Does your child has the discipline to study online... sit 2 hours in front of PC?

E-learning is an online learning solution whereby the usage of internet is used as a medium to learn. Normally the E-learning concept is developed whereby student and computer interaction is necessary for better learning experience.

Looking for E learning solution? If you are looking for e learning solution, maybe you can try out or or (Yes.... It is Not FREE). Face it... it is hard to get free stuff in this world.

If you are looking for more information about E-learning in Malaysia. Please visit the blog created by Zaid.

This is a site whereby the author discuss a lot about E learning in Malaysia. The fun part is.. he has a very nice banner to prove it all

Can E learning be better than Home Tuition ?
It is all depending on your child needs. If you have an active child, i believe the right solution to this problem is Home Tuition. If you have a child needs close attention, Home Tuition is definitely a right choice. However, if your child is very independent, YES ... E learning will be a better choice.

Opinion: E learning is more suitable for working adults who would like to pursue their higher education such as Master.

I hope my answer will not be biased since i am running a Home Tutorial Services at