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e-Learning Malaysia to score a

What is E-learning solution? Are you looking for E- Learning solution for your child? How can E learning benefit your child ? Who are the E-learning provider in Malaysia?

It is true that online learning does bring great benefits when we mention about time flexibility. Your child can study at home with ease and cost of learning is definitely cheaper compared to going for tuition center or home tuition.

Th question parents should ask are
a) Is it practical for your child?
b) Can you child cope up with studying online... he has to be independant?
c) Does your child has the discipline to study online... sit 2 hours in front of PC?

E-learning is an online learning solution whereby the usage of internet is used as a medium to learn. Normally the E-learning concept is developed whereby student and computer interaction is necessary for better learning experience.

Looking for E learning solution? If you are looking for e learning solution, maybe you can try out or or (Yes.... It is Not FREE). Face it... it is hard to get free stuff in this world.

If you are looking for more information about E-learning in Malaysia. Please visit the blog created by Zaid.

This is a site whereby the author discuss a lot about E learning in Malaysia. The fun part is.. he has a very nice banner to prove it all

Can E learning be better than Home Tuition ?
It is all depending on your child needs. If you have an active child, i believe the right solution to this problem is Home Tuition. If you have a child needs close attention, Home Tuition is definitely a right choice. However, if your child is very independent, YES ... E learning will be a better choice.

Opinion: E learning is more suitable for working adults who would like to pursue their higher education such as Master.

I hope my answer will not be biased since i am running a Home Tutorial Services at

PMR 2008 Oustanding Results and Utusan Melayu

Home tutor well accepted in Kuala Lumpur after 6 months launching . The Home tutor is getting a lot of good response from parents.

"Today parents believe Edunovice is capable to deliver improvement in 3 moths period." Yes it is amazing that we have gone this far delivering what we can promised to the parents.

We are offering wide variety of Tutorial services ranging from
Math, English, Bahasa, Add Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Accounting, Geography, History and commerce.


English a better Medium for Math and Science

It was a political debate years ago when our political candidate highlight the effectiveness of using English for science subjects. Personally Edunovice tutors believe that science subjects should be tought in English since we are moving into information highway. We are seeing good improvement because:-

a) It is efficient to teach Science and Math in English where student can cross reference local
books with foreign text books
b) Bahasa Melayu Translation from English to B. Melayu is too slow
c) Students can learn from Internet which English is broadly used in digital world
d) This is a way to improve our poor standards of English making Malaysian competitive

PMR 2008 results shown to us the effectiveness of English usage in Math and Science, Edunovice stand firm with the usage of English language in Math and Science subjects

Utusan Malaysia News

*Sebanyak 472,060 calon menduduki PMR 2008. 26,378 pelajar atau 5.96 peratus mendapat A dalam semua mata pelajaran.

*Semua mata pelajaran menunjukkan peningkatan dengan Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Arab Komunikasi mencatat kenaikan tertinggi iaitu 3.6 peratus

Taken from Utusan

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year

First of all... wishing you guys Happy New Year. Teachers and students have the optional to either postponed the class and arrange an immediate replacement.

The year 2009 will be the year of ox. The year of ox will bring the fullest prosperity to those who sow.

Happy New Year

Edunovice Home Tutor

Monday, December 29, 2008

Keputusan PMR 2008

PMR 2008 shocking news. Edunovice has made it way again by providing great tutorial services to our students. I was shock the number of students scoring A's from our program.

Our agency got few calls from parents early in the morning. Here are the messages from parents

"Hi Mr. Yaw thanks for the tutorial services... my daughter got 7 A's. Can you start arranging tutors for next year Form 4" - Miss Yanti

" Your tutors are impressive, my neighbour got A's for the Math and Science. Do you have tutors for Std 4 for my youngest child >" - Mrs Low

" Hi Edunovice Home Tutor, my daughter Ely got A's for the Math. Thanks for the lesson. Very helpful. Thanks for the last minute tips" - Rosalyn

"Mr. Yaw, Thanks for teaching my youngest son Math. I hope you can guide him next year. As for the eldest son... continue on with the Add Math and Physic class. Please help to find for me a tutor in Chemistry" - Rawanis

PMR Great Success 2008

Seramai 26,378 pelajar atau 5.96 peratus daripada 472,060 calon peperiksaan Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) tahun ini mendapat Gred A dalam semua mata pelajaran yang diambil, meningkat daripada 5.65 peratus pada tahun lalu dan 4.83 peratus pada 2006. - taken from berita harian

UPSR Great Success 2008

Investigating Snowflakes

Yet another interesting article from the science website. is on of the BEST website in the world. I came to read an article where scientist came up with an interesting idea to study the formation of man made snowflakes. With digital imaging, scientist hopes to understand the speed of growth and the formation o snowflakes

Taken from NewScientist

HOW does a snowflake form? A new generation of ice cloud chambers is set to give us the first detailed insightinto this delicate process and could even help weather forecasters better predict when snow is likely to fall.

Next year, Paul Connolly from the University of Manchester, UK, will study ice crystal aggregation in the Manchester Ice Cloud Chamber. This giant.......Read On


Edunovice Home Tutor
Edunovice home Tutor offering tutorial services for the following subjects
- Add Math
- Modern Math
- Accounting ..... Up to Degree ( Master Student teaching the following subject 5 yrs exp)
- Commerce ...... Up to Degree ( Master Student teaching the following subject 5 yrs exp)

Welcome to our new tutor
Michelle : Math and Add Math Tutor >> (5 years experience teaching in tuition center)

If you need any Home Tutor, please feel free to contact us at 012-4594388

visit our website

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Physics Lesson in Tuition Class

Hi students and parents,
Do you believe that our education technique is so good, that you might considering quiting school? One of the toughest chapter in Form 4 Physics is Light and Optics. Edunovice invented a technique where students are able to learn to solve messy optics problems.

Edunovice normally teaches technique solving problems which students are very unfamiliar with. Our tutors are smart and the one to one approach makes them dedicated to give the best to our student. Many parents sought our help, unfortunately Edunovice is often exploited to teach during last minute revision. We do not encourage last minute crash course since early preparation will guarantee better results for your child :- )

Edunovice is so different compared to other Home Tutorial Agency. If you happen to browse any tution agency in Malaysia there are more than 200 tuition agency where they only are keen to do match up between students and teachers. What makes Edunovice so great was their involvement in the education program. We write, edit and even share out our notes to the rest of our students. You may want to visit for more information on our tutorial services and products.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Johor Bahru Home Tutor

To apply for Home Tutor for your child at Johor Bahru :-
a) Submit your inquiry through our website at (Enquire) or
b) Call our Hotline at 012-4594388
(Currently we have 5 teachers at Johor Bahru ... covering UPSR, PMR and SPM)

Home Tutoring In Johor Bahru
Edunovice is expanding the services to Johor Bahru. Our services will be fully operational by 2010. Edunovice will be gathering more teachers to help out in the Home Tutorial services. Although we have teachers over in Johor Bahru, our number of tutors are limited. Currently we have around 5 tutors in Johor which are located around the Johor Bahru Town and Skudai Region.

Those who are interested to apply for a home Tutor position in Johor Bahru are encourage to visit the follwoing link(click here)

Popularity of Home Tutors
The popularity of home tutors varies from state to state. As for Johor Bahru, we have less home tutors around the region due to the fact that many of the tutor prefers to teach Singaporean due to higher payrates

The charges of home tutors varies from state to state. Our range varies from RM 120 - RM 300 depending on several factors such as location, level of education, subjects, teacher's experience and number of days. Please inquire


Cute pics from

The pictures reminds me about the movie Quick Feet. This is the cuter version where penguins
dress up to celebrate Christmas.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

TheStar Education Fun Time

Home Tutor Malaysia
Edunovice Home Tutor starts as early as 15th December 2008. We would recommend parents to give us a call at (012-4594388 7 Days working days Hotline) or visit our website at if you are looking for home tutors.

Edunovice Home Tutor provides one to one coaching with affordable rates. We even travel to your house to give personal home tuition.

UPSR: Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah
Standard 1-5 : Class will start this January 2009
Standard 6 UPSR: Class started in 15th December 2008

PMR: Penilaina Menengah Rendah
Form 1- Form 2: Class will start this January 2009
Form 3 : Class started this 15th December 2008

SPM: Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia
Form 4: Class starts this January 2009
Form 5 SPM: Class started 15 December 2008


The Star

A very interesting article from Thestar Education Segment. According to the article, Kolej Disted Stamford is organising an English language skills camp. The camp was aimed to help students to improve their English by engaging the participants to lively discussion and group activities.

The activities consist of
a) Song Lyrics
b) Singing drama
c) drama
d) language and puzzles
e) Jigsaw reading
f) Talentime show
g) Fashion and Design

What a way to learn English :)

Safe and Reliable Home Tutor

Edunovice Home Tutor: Best in Malaysia.
Hi First of all, Merry Christmas guys!!!!!!!!

To all parents who are concern about having a reliable home tutors. These were the common questions:-

a) Who are the tutors?
b) Are they strangers?
c) Is our child safe with the tutors? (We seen many rape can kidnapping cases)
d) Are they qualified tutors?

The 4 questions above are pretty common among parents. As parents, we might be worried about the background of the tutors but how do we ensure that the tutors we are sending are safe and reliable?

Our Tutors
The tutors provided by Edunovice Home Tutors consist of :
a) Full Time Home Tutors
b) Tuition Centers Tutors
c) Part Time Experience Tutors
d) New Tutors Graduate

Safety Issue for your child

In order to prevent from any mishaps, Edunovice suggest that for every classes or Home Tutoring, please request for the following information:
a) Request for IC and chart down the personal information
b) Parents are advise to monitor their child. Parents are advise to have the classes at night
or on weekends. Once you get th know the teachers well and familiar with his/her traits you
might want to consider the tuition class to be held in the morning or afternoon.

Qualified Tutors
We only deal with qualified Tutors.
a) Request for Academic Transcript
b) Request for Graduation scroll from University

For Edunovice Home Tutorial Services

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Free Home Tutor for My child

Are you looking for FREE Home Tutor ? Is your financial constraint limits your child's education? Are you worried about commitment to your child? Are you worried about year 2009 outlook?

To answer the question above, first you need to understand that omitting child's education is not a good solution so save some quarter. And NOOO we can't provide FREE but we give the BEST.

Personally, I do not think that parents should lower their expanses on child's education. It really wrong and you might regret your action in future if he/she did badly for in exams. Education is never a bad investment, the more your child learns, he will be able to compete with others thus allowing the child to achieve a good career path.

Parents must always remember that, dont SAVE on education. You might regret it for the rest of your life. You can never buy back time

If you are looking for Home Tutor Malaysia, Edunovice encouraged you to give us a call at 012-4594388. We can assist your you.

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Home Tutor Commitment

Are you still looking for a good and dedicated home tutor? Why wait ? Call Edunovice now. You can call 012-4594388 or visit our company's website at

Edunovice offers Home Tutorial throughout Malaysia, we provides qualified candidate to help your child. Some of our commitment can be seen from Newspaper. Edunovice invest a lot in newspaper where we hope to capture helpless students to improve in their studies.

Edunovice is dedicated to help "Special Child" too. We have dedicated teacher to guide your child and help them to study. Rest assure that our teachers will be very patient and diligence in her work. For Special Needs Please drop us a mail at

Place a tag as "Special Child Needs Tuition"
State your Name, Hp number and location of your address.

Sample of Advertisement from Edunovice

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Home Tuition PMR results

PMR results are predicted to reveal after Christmas. I would suggest our ex PMR students to take a break and enjoy your Christmas holidays before starting our next class on January. The Form 4 will be an interesting year since student will need to decide to go for Science, Commerce or Art Stream. This will be an important year for all our ex PMR students where they have to choose wisely to for which streams.

"There is only one way ticket"

There are many more challenges coming along the way and Edunovice Home Tutor will always be there , making sure each of every students of us excel in your dream and career path.

As Christmas approaching in 5 days time, i guess it will be an exciting countdown from

Interesting News : US Air Defense Using High Tech Ways to Track Santa

For those who believe, Santa Claus and his team of reindeer have taken to the skies every Christmas Eve for the past 1,600 years. But this is the first time his young devotees will be able to track his progress via cell phone, Twitter about this momentous event, and share photos of their home countries via the Web.

All three of these new capabilities result from a partnership between Google and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), which as..... read on

Friday, December 19, 2008

Edunovice Home Tutor Christmas Songs

I would like to dedicate this songs to all my students and teachers who are supporting with Edunovice Home Tutor. For this coming Christmas holidays, parents and teachers who wish to take a day off must inform the either party a minimum of 3 days early. Teacher should take the full responsibility to replace the class near future.

Countdown Christmas Tree

Christ will be coming soon and snow will be falling in Malaysia on the 25th Dec..... I would like to wish all my students Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Although some of you might not be celebrating Christmas, It is no harm to treat the special day as a family reunion day. Spend time with your family and your loves ones. Treasure your family and your friends even in the most difficult times of economy crisis.

I dedicate this tree to all my students, tutors and my family. Lets have a Christmas countdown from today.....:)

Nice Christmas Day!!! 5 More days to go

Thursday, December 18, 2008

17000 Text Books Sekolah Kebangsaan

A total of 17000 text books will be given FREE to students under the SPBT programme. I strongly surpport goverment move which to proide text books to those who are needy. Well done government for taking the effort to care for us.

Summarised by
Home Tutor for UPSR PMR and SPM

Read Entire Article

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Home Tuition and Efficiency

Case Study:I
had a student from Choon Leng who was brilliant and smart. However when she goes for trial exam she did badly most of the time. When her parents approach Edunovice for advise, I evaluated the child and discovered that this child just need some 'Social Surpport' and 'Critical Mind Maping Technique'. I coached her for 1 year and she did well for her Add Math and Physics Class.Problem: Cant Mix with her school friends.
Solution: I reminded her to start helping her friends . She feels much appreciate by freinds
Result: She got more friends and more confident about herself
Problem 2: Hard time memorising
solution : Encourage Critical Mind Maping Technique to her
Result : Able to memorised easier and retain longer

Case Study 2:
Last two years, i coached a Convent Bukit Mertajam student. She was a very smart and hardworking girl but she tend to slop in most of her Math exam. The mother called Edunovice for help. I was the teacher assigned to help out this student. By the way, her name is Priya from Convent Bukit Mertajam. Priya seemed to shiver and tense when she does her Form 3 modern math and this has caused her Math result to drop to 60% !!!!!!!!!!!!!. I introduce critical mind mapping and she improve from there.
Problem: Panic and Shiver during exam
Solution: Mental surpport and Mind Boosting
Result : Her marks improve to 94% for Math Form 3 consistently every trial then

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Home Tuition Tutor UPSR PMR SPM

Great news to all students!!!!!!!
I am glad to our Edunovice Home Tuition will cover the following area

States that our Home Tutors will be covered:
a) Penang : Total 80 Teachers
b) Selangor : Total 120 Teachers
c) Melaka : Total 20 Teachers
d) Kedah : Total 40 Teachers
e) Perak : Total 5 Teachers

What are our main subjects
UPSR: We are covering up most of the syllabus Bahasa, Mandarin, English and Science
PMR: Bahasa, English, Geography, Math, History, Science
SPM: Bahasa, English, Geography, Math, History, Science, Add Math, Biology, Chemistry, Phys

You can contact us at:
Please call 012-4594388 (Edunovice Home Tutor)

Those staying far from the urban area can learn too:
We offer Belajar Gaya POS to students staying far from our reach. Our quality notes will definately helps and the package is affordable. Please contact our sales line.

Free information and Notes please visit: ( You must visit our website for more educational notes which are Free for Download)


Monday, December 15, 2008

Motivational Courses EQ in Mandarin : My Childen is Lazy + National Geographic News "Alien Like Squid"

What is the best education for your child? Is it all about academic ? or it is partially the EQ which the parents should focus? The answers to all the questions lies in the news which i read from

Holistic Education for Children from Thestar
Michelle Sagan is making his move to nurture creativity among Malaysian students. According to her, students need to focus EQ too which parents fail to emphasized. It is not always the race of results, EQ is as important as well..... :)

If your child is not doing good in exams, it does not mean he has Low IQ. Sometimes the EQ important part in the development of IQ too.

Click to enlarge

Case Study:
I had a student from Choon Leng who was brilliant and smart. However when she goes for trial exam she did badly most of the time. When her parents approach Edunovice for advise, I evaluated the child and discovered that this child just need some 'Social Surpport' and 'Critical Mind Maping Technique'. I coached her for 1 year and she did well for her Add Math and Physics Class.

Problem: Cant Mix with her school friends.
Solution: I reminded her to start helping her friends . She feels much appreciate by freinds
Result: She got more friends and more confident about herself

Problem 2: Hard time memorising
solution : Encourage Critical Mind Maping Technique to her
Result : Able to memorised easier and retain longer

Case Study 2:
Last two years, i coached a Convent Bukit Mertajam student. She was a very smart and hardworking girl but she tend to slop in most of her Math exam. The mother called Edunovice for help. I was the teacher assigned to help out this student. By the way, her name is Priya from Convent Bukit Mertajam. Priya seemed to shiver and tense when she does her Form 3 modern math and this has caused her Math result to drop to 60% !!!!!!!!!!!!!. I introduce critical mind mapping and she improve from there.

Problem: Panic and Shiver during exam
Solution: Mental surpport and Mind Boosting
Result : Her marks improve to 94% for Math Form 3 consistently every trial then

Visit if you need a Home Tutor

More Education news: From National Geographic

Awesome strange squid discovered by Shell ROV.

A mile and a half (two and a half kilometers) underwater, a remote control submersible's camera captured an eerie surprise: an alien-like, long-armed, and "elbowed" Magnapinna squid.

The mysterious creature's discovery topped National Geographic News' ten most popular news stories for 2008.

Credits to National Geographic.. Click to read more

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chemistry Kits for Form 4 and Form 5 SPM students : Edunovice Home Tutor Malaysia

Ok ... do you know that you can own a mini lab? Studying biology, chemistry and physics using text books are boring. There are ways to stimulate your brain which is hands on experiments. Pretty cool yea :)

Look at the cool and interesting gadgets you can have below:

This is a chemistry set. There are tons of experiment you can start off with this set. Now!!! you can practice the experiments and understand Chemistry. You will learn to love this subject because it is really FUN playing with chemicals

Discover how fascinating the world is when you know the chemistry behind how everyday things work. Understanding chemical reactions turns the ordinary occurrences around us into remarkable events. You will start with fun experiments to learn basic chemistry principles. Build a mini fire extinguisher and float a soap-powered boat. Write with invisible ink and test colored markers on the chromatography racetrack. UP to 175 Experiments !!!!

(Learn Chemistry the Fun Way total of 175 Experiments!!!!!)

Item Code: Chem 1001
Price USD500 or
RM 1600
All the price inclusive of Shipping within Malaysia and Singapore

If you are interested to purchase please send a mail to

Have a nice day with Edunovice Home Tutor. Feel Free to visit our official website to scouts for a Home Tutor at

Home Tuition Hiring Tutors in Malaysia & Legoland News (Interesting education theme park)

Interested Candidate may apply the Part Time/ Full Time position below
Home Tutor in KL, Shah Alam, Bukit Jalil and Puchong

Bachelor Degree in any field or Diploma in teaching
Willing to travel
Love to teach and high patience
Able to teach UPSR: Math, Science, Bahasa Melayu and English
Fresh Graduate May Apply for the position above

Interested candidate please send you resume along with a cover letter t0


Lego Land (Education Theme Park)

A multi-million dollar Legoland theme park will open in Malaysia's southern Johor state neighbouring Singapore in 2013, officials said over the weekend.

Merlin Entertainments will design and operate the 209 million dollar park, and will become a 20 percent shareholder, while a consortium led by Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB) will own the balance.

IIB is an investment holding company which promotes development to support the 17.7 billion ringgit (5.1 billion dollars) Iskandar Development Region (IDR), while Merlin Entertainments operates various attractions globally including Sea Life, Madame Tussauds and Legoland.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Ampang Students (Home Tutor Malaysia) and 2000 Year old Brain ( Science facts)

Hi parents and students, home tutor in Malaysia has been going on for the past 15 years. Although home tuition in Malaysia is not as popular compared to tuition centers, we have seen some growth with great demands from Edunovice Home Tutors.

A few of our teachers:- Puan Izzie, Puan Cecilia and Puan Zarina have been working hard helping students to achieve 5A's in the recent UPSR 2008. Most of our students are below academically before taking up classes from Edunovice Home Tutor. What makes Puan Izzie, Puan Cecilia and Puan Zarina so special this year was their reputation to pull up 100% of every cases to achieve 5A's in UPSR 2009. Seriously it is not an easy task helping student who are FAILING in Exams to EXCEL 5A's in their studies. It takes tremendous amount of commitment a long with good teaching approach. Our philosophy: 3 Months Results Guarantee.

Some Complaints from parents:
"Your price is a little stiff, and i would like to try for a month?"
"Can you start right away, why not this evening"

Our price is the at average since we are sending to you experienced tutors. All our teachers have a min of Degree Certificate while some tutors are taking up Master and Phd. Edunovice guarantee 3 months improvement for each of every child which takes up home tuition under our organization. Only Edunovice can guarantee you that.

I find that most parents do not understand the nature of Home Tuition. Home tuition will only be meaningful if your child needs personal attention as he is really weak in his studies. Please read my previous post...

I am sorry as Edunovice Home tutor will not be able to guarantee improvement in a month. It is too short to see any improvement as the teacher and students are just starting to adjust to their learning habits. Edunovice encourage parents to undergo a minimum 3 months of home tuition sessions.


2000 Year old Brain (Science Facts)

This image issued by the York Archaeological Trust on Friday Dec. 12, 2008 shows brain material as dark folded matter at the top of the head in this computer-generated view into the skull. British archaeologists working at a university campus have unearthed an ancient skull carrying a startling surprise — an unusually well-preserved brain still inside. Scientists said Friday that the more than 2,000-year-old mass of gray matter was the oldest ever discovered in Britain. One expert unconnected with the find called it 'a real freak of preservation.' The skull — which was severed from its corpse sometime before the Roman invasion of Britain — was found in a muddy pit during a dig at the University of York in northern England in the fall of this year, according to Richard Hall, a director of York Archaeological Trust.

Taken from Yahoo News. Click to read more

Friday, December 12, 2008

Irrelevant Questions in SPM from The Star ... SPM issues

I read this from the star citing about the irrelevant questions in SPM Paper. One of the SPM students was outraged by the type of questions in the History paper. According to the student, the questions was more appropriate for Moral studies.

One of the questions "How will the Malaysia be remembered by future generations?" . Come on guys this is not really History questions, this should be more to Pengajian Am. General Paper.

I laugh when i read another questions posted by the student, here it goes
"How negative lifestyle could impact nation's high moral values ?" ... Man this is insane. This is definitely moral questions

(((((Very History Indeed )))))

I have nothing to complain against such questions if it could help me to achieve A's in my exam. I am surely wont complain much about this since it is free marks

This is really interesting: credits to Thestar. Read full now

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Home Tutor Form1 and Form 4

Are you prepared for your child to Form 1 or Form 4 ? Do you know it is vital to prepare early before stepping his foot in the important year? There will be a lot of changes when student move from UPSR to Form 1 or from Form 3 to Form4. In the UPSR year, your child takes up 4 subjects in total but in when he enters to Form 1, he will be taking up to 7 subjects in total. I believe it will be a culture shock or a burden when he sees history, geography and Kemahiran Hidup. Most students and parents would suggest long break after UPSR, however do bare in mind to advise your child to start preparing one week before entering into the new form. How do you encourage him to read Geography ? and History?

Start up by asking him to look into the chapters and ask him what does he thinks about the new syllabusss. Understanding chapters or the topic header will be a good start before reading the whole text books. Encourage your child to go shopping at the Mall once a week and take a detour to the "Popular Book Store" grab a book of Geography and History. Look at the maps and access how fast your child needs to cover for his next year exam. Always be positive and keep on giving encouragement remarks to your child... such as

"Geography looks like an interesting subjects... wont be hard scoring A if we plan well on our time table"

"History reminds me about MAYA civilization.. kind of cool.. I bet you can master this in no time"

Looking at his UPSR result will give you the hint how to strategies his study plan. You can always seek help from and drop us a mail if you need professional help. All the above advise is applicable for students who finishes PMR and going for Form 4 in the year 2009

Edunovice News on Year 2008 a second longer.

On Dec. 31 this year, your day will be just a second longer.

Like the more well-known time adjustment, the leap year, a "leap second" is tacked on to clocks every so often to keep them correct.

Earth's trip around the sun - our year with all its seasons - is about 365.2422 days long, which we round to 365 to keep things simpler. But every four years, we add 0.2422 x 4 days (that's about one day) at the end of the month of February (extending it from 28 to 29 days) to fix the calendar.

Likewise, a "leap second" is added on to our clocks every so often to keep them in synch with the somewhat unpredictable nature of our planet's rotation, the roughly 24-hour whirl that brings the sun into the sky each morning.

Historically, time was based on the mean rotation of the Earth relative to celestial bodies and the second was defined from this frame of reference. But the invention of atomic clocks brought about a definition of a second that is independent of the Earth's rotation and based on a regular signal emitted by electrons changing energy state within an atom.

In 1970, an international agreement established two timescales: one based on the rotation of the Earth and one based on atomic time.

The problem is that the Earth is very gradually slowing down, continually throwing the two timescales out of synch, so every so often, a "leap second" has to be tacked on to the atomic clock.

The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service is the organization that monitors the difference in the two timescales and calls for leap seconds to be inserted or removed when necessary. Since 1972, leap seconds have been added at intervals varying from six months to seven years - the most recent was inserted on Dec. 31, 2005.

In the United States, the U.S. Naval Observatory and the National Institute of Standards and Technology keep time for the country. The Naval Observatory keeps the Department of Defense's Master Clock, an atomic clock located in Washington, D.C.

Credits to Yahoo News

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Home Tution in Selangor, Puchong, Ampang, Bukit Jalil, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alame

Home tutor in Selangor started last year (2008). Initially the project started with collaborating with Gifted Concept under the collaboration with Jacky. Jacky will be helping in coordinating with tutors to parents house. In Selangor is very active even with the one year involvement. Besides from mentoring academic subjects, Gifted Concept incorporate several features to Edunovice Home tutor. This allow much more activities for the students to participate

Edunovice + Gifted Concepts:
a) Tutoring UPSR, PMR or SPM
b) Seminar
c) Camps (outdoor activities)
d) Motivational Class
e) Holiday packages

Map and Location in Selangor Region..

Saturday, December 6, 2008

UPSR Science and Math

Students complain about having a tough time with studying Math and Science. The question is how do you study Math and Science ? why is your child getting good grades in UPSR Math but the not for the USPR Science.? Some parents are confuse and i believe almost 99% parents do not understand what are the approach to study Math and Science.

Studying UPSR Math is simple because all you need to do is to motivate your child to practice more. Getting A's for math is all about practicing, student needs to familiar with the type of questions. As for UPSR Science, it is all about the 'understanding concept ' rather than practicing. Your child has to understand the concept and constant reading will definitely help. Practicing science questions will only help to enhance the ability to memorized.

So how to read UPSR Science
a) Start off by reading the introduction
b) Understand the difference between plants animal and human
c) Take note on the key words...
d) Look at the Question paper... map the question to your notes or reference book. HIGHLIGHT
e) Constant reading and answering Question paper along with mapping will definitely help

Visit for a private tutor. Our tutors will be able to accessed your child to score 'A' for the UPSR.

Witchcraft and Science

Add Image Witchcraft was known as ‘craft of the wise’ as the wise persons were those who followed the path of nature and were in tune with its forces, had the knowledge of herbs and medicines, gave wise counsel and were held in high esteem as Shamanic healers and leaders in the village and community. - Got this article from the internet

Importance of knowledge comes many forms. In the olden days, knowledge of science had led mans to believed in magic. We had read the history books, shamans and priest were worship as Gods since they are able to predict events. Even in the battlefields, shamans and priest played very strong political role during the medieval age.

The importance of knowledge brings changes to life. Imagine the world without science.... what will happen to us? Think about it....

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