Sunday, November 30, 2008

Score A + Edunovice

Several parents asked me what is the main difference between Score A E Learning compared to Edunovice E learning. There is a vast difference between Edunovice and ScoreA. Edunovice is promoting Input learning while Score A is promoting Output learning. What is Input and Output learning ?

Input Learning
It is learning by reading. The input learning is specially design to help to student to extract important facts which will guide them to score in exam. Our concept is very concise; just like how wikipedia works. When you read the notes from, we thought you the concept and the methodology or the basic fundamentals. Unlike text books which the information are not well organized, provide systematic solution. Tuition centers and home tutors used our notes and found out that it helps the students in their studies.

Output Learning
Output learning is more about practice. You need to keep on doing questions till you are familiar with the answer.The concept of output learning is important for primary and secondary school student.

However, bear in mind that when your child goes for University level, students learn from exploratory which means that they will definitely not expose to Input learning. Why? Because in University, the learning method will be 60% input learning from lecture class, 20% research and 20% output learning. There wont be a lot of tutorials questions to ponder so basic fundamental is important to do well in exam.

Bear in mind that input learning must be as important as output learning. Student need to understand concept rather then memorizing questions.

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Mr Yaw (Math and Physics Tutor)
Foo Siang Tuition Center, and Personal Home Tuition
Pelangi and East View (Young Editor)