Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai Attacks -- Looking Back

Read the news two days ago from and found out the cowardly acts of the Islamic extremist. As i read through the rest of the paper, i rekindle the 911 tragedy as well as the Bali bombing. From my analysis, it seems that most of the attacks were targeted on the US and the European tourists.

Personally I am really tired watching innocent casualty dying. I thought all religions are suppose to teach good but why are we still facing this issue? Please don't tell me religion is dividing us and the only solution to this problem is GENOCIDE? Come on guys!!! wake up !! If solution can be resolve by killing thousands, where are we today?

Man!!!! we cant be living in the daylight of Nazi's. It is pathetic and to conduct major genocide was an act of NO BRAIN. Globally... are we going forward or backwards ? The extent of terrorist in Mumbai this is a nothing to do with crusade but ethnic cleansing.

Will this terrorist acts ENDS?
There is no way we can win terrorist!!!! Terrorist is an ideology, how can we win ideology?? Lets look at communism, can we win communism? Ideology takes time to phase out, It took so many years after the WWII for china to embrace democracy when the capitalist world creep into the Chinese bloodline. This is the same goes to the MUMBAI attacks.

Ideology is like religion. It is a thin line between sanity and lunatic. It is important to remember that it is not war on Iraq or an enemy. We are warring against idelogy and supreme being here.

Never relate Islam as Terrorist
One shall not relate Islam as terrorist. Terrorist is paving its way wanting Islam to be the supreme power of the world. By massacring hundreds and inflicting fears for others, this has led a bad reputation to the Islam community.


Edunovice Updates:
Well this several Perlis paper for Chemistry for the year 2008 have been updated. More will come.

UPSR Paper and Link to Utusan Malaysia has been updated to give our students to access to Utusan Portal

PMR Paper from Northern sides as well as PMR paper for Bahasa Cina 2008 has been updated.
This will be the first time we updated paper from Sarawak. Bahasa Melayu paper trial paper from Kelantan was also updated to be downloaded for all studetns.

SPM Paper
Interestingly, SBP paper has been updated along with several MRSM paper. Yes it is a complete set but some answer has been incorrect