Friday, November 21, 2008

Hoping Companies >> @ I have SBP and MRSM SPM Test Papers

Finally, I have uploaded all the MRSM papers at Please download at your own risk. I suggest all our SPM students to look into the Physics and Biology paper before sitting for your Physics and Biology Paper next week. I am not sure whether my server will be able to cater for the large volume of bandwidth. It might be down when it exceeded the quota. Anyway, i do wish all my students "Best of Luck" and....

TO WARRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MY Life
... it come to a point where you feel like leaving your present company. It is not a mere decision but a heavily thought move. I am leaving my company at 10 Dec 2008 and i my willingness to work has deteriorate? Why do i feel this ? I have lack of concentration and my heart has already move somewhere else. Yeap i have to stay on to serve my 2 moths term. At the same time, I am worried with the present economic situation. We have high retrenchment in Penang and everyone knows that company adopt "Last In First Out policy".

Scary though when i think of it...because I am going to step my foot into the unknown. I have long wanted to join the OEM, not for its prestige but also as a long term career. There is no doubt that working in OEM is always better for the benefits and the working environment. But waitttttt... is it a good time to move out? Most major MNC OEM has stop hiring and i am pretty sure i am going to be the last guy. That makes me the last one. I took the risk when the market is deprive just to get my foot into OEM. Yeap it is a bold move.

Flextronics 4 days week for Month Nov and Dec.
AMD Penang announced this morning VSS lay off 500 employees.
Spansion force to take leave (5 days in this quarter)
Jabil planned shut down from Dec 24 to Jan 4, will be 6 days leave.

Agilent planned shut down from Dec 24 to Jan 4, will be 6 days leave. Jan09 might have another shutdown. No increment 2008 review.

Avago no plan shutdown as no more in house production, hiring freeze.

ASE shut down every fortnightly on Monday starting from Nov 3.

Fairchild planned 'Mass Vacation' for 9 days leave in FY08

INTEL – No increment 2008 review, VSS for those under perform and massive cut cost/travel 2009, no shutdown plan yet

Motorola, Penang- Still hiring+profit, suspect got government 'look after', Singapore cellphone plant cut 800 job and now waiting for sale.

Siltera, kulim – Propose close down this Malaysian 1st Fab company, loss RM4billion in 2008 1 comments