Friday, November 14, 2008

High Cost of Living

So, today is Saturday ... another day of a week and i am broke. How could i be broke ? Upon my upcoming resignation, i was force to give a big treat of RM 400. Hmmmm.... Yes my colleague will be organising a big farewell for me.... and i am paying for it. He has been pestering me to belanja even though i am short of cash at the moment. We are suppose to have the farewell lunch yesterday but due to production issue, the lunch was postponed to next week. Might probably have it on Tuesday or Wednesday.

What surprise me even more....
RM 400 is gone to the farewell... that is not the worst case because my credit card payment just arrive yesterday with the total payment of RM 1400. So there goes my one month salary. Not to include my car loan or RM 320. To be honest... this is a hard month and lots of money is flowing out from my pocket. It is so hard to save these days and even tougher to survive on the rainy days.

It is always the cash issue due to high living cost. Living in Penang is so competitive , you have to have an average income to live in Penang else the cost of living will kill you. Arrrhhhh..... when are the prices going to tumble? I am kind of worried as the recession is approaching, without money i am at the verge of extinction. There is no way i am going to survive the harsh environment without money. ...God Help Me