Sunday, October 19, 2008

They even want to claim the iceberg

Last few days, i did a small checkup on Antarctic(the icy part of the Earth) to my surprise, this part of the world belongs to several countries. Humans are filled with greed and they fought over iceberg too. There is nothing free in this world since everything belongs to someone. Can you believe that the inhabitable iceberg is belong to someone . I hope the ice melted and no one would be able to claim the iceberg. Yeap lets hope the Iceberg in the Greenland melted and soon be forgotten... hehehe

Hey to my surprise Norway claims a small portion of Antarctic Ice too. If you are a ' A 'scorer for your geography, Norway is way on top at the Arctic. How could they claim part of the Antarctic when they are way miles away from the south pole. Greedy white man!!!!

Look at the claim chart...