Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Soalan Bocor SPM

Have you heard of Soalan Bocor SPM? or did you ever type in google for "Soalan Bocor SPM". If you did you have been really desperate seeking for leek question. The thing is, if there are soalan bocor for your SPM, those information would not be shared and it wont be free. Personally, there is no such Soalan Bocor and if it does, wont be free of charge. Then where can you find Soalan bocor ?

There are few places where you can look
a) I do believe that some tuition centers has it. You may want to try to ask around
b) Schools? It might not be soalan bocor though because the teacher would be giving the question
which looks more like tips. It is super accurate

In Edunovice Enterprise, we strive to provide the best to our students. Our teachers are highly qualified with some up to 15 years of experience with the JPN(Jabatan Pendidikan) certification. Believe it or not, our teachers are not just good in deleviring the best to your child but also capable to guarantee improvement academicall. Do you believe your child can achieve above 95% for Bahasa Melayu, Math and Science ? Dont be surprise because Edunovice Home Tutors are so sure to bring your child with good results.

What about Tips then to score for Major exams?
Yes, In view of UPSR, PMR and SPM Tips we do provide a comprehensive up to 95% accuracy for most of the subjects. Impressive !!!!!!!

How do you get those tips ?
We obtain the tips from gathering information from the past year paper and teachers. On top of that our tips are so up to date that if you purchase the Tips UPSR, SPM or PMR, we will update the tips up to the onne day before your major exam :) In cases like this, email and fax machine is used to deliver those tips

Edunovice To Norway
Hi guys, will be going to Norway in two days time. I am surprise that the temperate is droping to an averge of 6 Celsius. It is freaking cold now and gonna get some winter clothing before the trip.

Yeap, besides from my usual work, the trip is important to study the educational system in Norway.