Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Edunovice Starting Early with Bookmark Promotion

Yes, this is going to be a new year for Edunovice Home Tutor to kick off with the New Year Publicity Campaign. The year 2009!! will bring more exciting program to our beloved students across Malaysia.

We are still on track with our Agenda
- Online viewing with easy to learn presentation slides (Utilising E Book Format)
- Selling our effective Learning program promising and GUARANTEE improvement book
- Educating our teachers to take bigger role to help others
- Expanding our services to Kuala Lumpur
- On top of this the 2009, we will launch Study Tips which comprise of less than 4 pages for each
subjects catering to get students scored in their UPSR, PMR and SPM.

Last on Not least, Edunovice will be giving out free Bookmark!!! to lucky parents courtesy from Edunovice.com

Check out above :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

They even want to claim the iceberg

Last few days, i did a small checkup on Antarctic(the icy part of the Earth) to my surprise, this part of the world belongs to several countries. Humans are filled with greed and they fought over iceberg too. There is nothing free in this world since everything belongs to someone. Can you believe that the inhabitable iceberg is belong to someone . I hope the ice melted and no one would be able to claim the iceberg. Yeap lets hope the Iceberg in the Greenland melted and soon be forgotten... hehehe

Hey to my surprise Norway claims a small portion of Antarctic Ice too. If you are a ' A 'scorer for your geography, Norway is way on top at the Arctic. How could they claim part of the Antarctic when they are way miles away from the south pole. Greedy white man!!!!

Look at the claim chart...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Soalan Bocor SPM

Have you heard of Soalan Bocor SPM? or did you ever type in google for "Soalan Bocor SPM". If you did you have been really desperate seeking for leek question. The thing is, if there are soalan bocor for your SPM, those information would not be shared and it wont be free. Personally, there is no such Soalan Bocor and if it does, wont be free of charge. Then where can you find Soalan bocor ?

There are few places where you can look
a) I do believe that some tuition centers has it. You may want to try to ask around
b) Schools? It might not be soalan bocor though because the teacher would be giving the question
which looks more like tips. It is super accurate

In Edunovice Enterprise, we strive to provide the best to our students. Our teachers are highly qualified with some up to 15 years of experience with the JPN(Jabatan Pendidikan) certification. Believe it or not, our teachers are not just good in deleviring the best to your child but also capable to guarantee improvement academicall. Do you believe your child can achieve above 95% for Bahasa Melayu, Math and Science ? Dont be surprise because Edunovice Home Tutors are so sure to bring your child with good results.

What about Tips then to score for Major exams?
Yes, In view of UPSR, PMR and SPM Tips we do provide a comprehensive up to 95% accuracy for most of the subjects. Impressive !!!!!!!

How do you get those tips ?
We obtain the tips from gathering information from the past year paper and teachers. On top of that our tips are so up to date that if you purchase the Tips UPSR, SPM or PMR, we will update the tips up to the onne day before your major exam :) In cases like this, email and fax machine is used to deliver those tips

Edunovice To Norway
Hi guys, will be going to Norway in two days time. I am surprise that the temperate is droping to an averge of 6 Celsius. It is freaking cold now and gonna get some winter clothing before the trip.

Yeap, besides from my usual work, the trip is important to study the educational system in Norway.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Norway 5 more Days

Hi Guys...

First of all, I would like to inform all my students and teachers that i would be in Norway for 10 days starting from 9th October. It is a little scary to think about Norway since i have not been to the arctic and taking up to 18 hours of flights.

Anyway... i have something to share about my life. After working for almost 3 years in the manufacturing line, i started to realized that maybe "manufacturing " is not really for me. Or maybe WORKING for people is not my thing... It is not about stress at work or anything to do with lack of skills.. it has something to do with "Interest, Freedom and Respect to your co-worker".

I don't respect my superior and i cant even bear to respect my senior. To me, they are a bunch of core looser loosing their life in a company which promises them nothing other than money and vanity. Worst of all, i cant even respect my KAE (similar to PM) he is taking charge of the whole project. This KAE used to study in MMU University which also tends to be in the same class and same year with me. He is my boss not because he is earned to be my boss but I have to listen to his freaking instruction since he is into the business line. Kind of fed up when thinking about him and the whole company. The only person i felt sense of belonging is my direct boss who is working so hard to push up the Test Department. Yet i cant seem to respect him either.

The reason i cant respect him is due to the fact that, he cling his life too much for his career when he cant even understand that he can do so much for his life outside the company. Why bother working so hard. Unless he has a lot of commitment!!!!

Anyway, i will be traveling with this KAE to Norway and personally i am not really in the happy mood. Hmm to make it short... maybe i prefer to teach as tuition teacher more than working because of the freedom and appreciation when your students achieve good results

Edunovice news
Edunovice will be starting the class very soon at Early December
It is going to be a new image with Tons of Free Notes available to students
The new feature website will cover tons of test papers inclusive of viewing of Power Slides for Physics.