Thursday, August 7, 2008

"I am not saying .." - I resign but i wont share

"Hi Christ... so you throw letter (resigned) , Which company are you going?"
"Dude.... i will let you guys know once i am there ?"

Damn this is a very disturbing answer... somethimes i dont understand why so secretive because i am keh po chi.... but why so secretive. It is not like things going to change once you have decided to share with your close friends. So you see... things are pretty annoying when you give such an answer to your friends ? cant we share the same happiness with you? Are we such a human to live on jealousy and bad intentions till the last day of your stay in the company... Come on guys !!!!.

I have not been really secretive to most of my friends even straight to the point that i am planning to jump company. If i have a chance... why not jump to other company when you feel that your life really sucks to the end.

Being in the early 26 years old adult, What is there to hide more ? Are we the type of guys who are born kiasu in life. The only things that should be kept secret is your dark secret in your past and maybe your monthly paycheck. Dont you all agiree ? Futhermore, looking with what have i done for the past 26 years, i have done nothing great or spectacular, there is nothing to hide.


News and Update on Edunovice

Home Tutor will not be advertising starting from Mid August till Dec. Edunovice will start a new tutorial year on the coming Dec by introducing Holiday package starting this coming December

August - Nov : No more Home Tutors available for UPSR, PMR and SPM.
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January : Reshuffling the syllabus for Primary 1